Botox is typically used for antiaging purposes in the face.  Treatment procedures target the overactive muscles which cause creases in the skin. The botulinum protein blocks sites in the nerve fibers. This prevents the release of a chemical called acetylcholine. Normally the role of this transmitter is to signal the muscles to contract. But with the intervention of Botox, the muscles do not receive this signal. And as a result, they stay relaxed.

The Los Angeles patient in the video received Botox as a treatment. She wanted to get rid of horizontal forehead wrinkles and crows feet.  Before receiving the injection, normal facial movements such as raising the eyebrows, smiling or squinting would create lines on the skin. However, after the treatment, the forehead remained smooth with no visible creases when the patient tried to raise her brows. Also the appearance of crows feet when the patient smiled had significantly diminished due to the Botox injection.

The pictures and footage were taken before the procedure and two months after.

Los Angeles Botox is offered at Fine Touch Dermatology for patients in Southern California.