All it took was walking across that stage at graduation and something clicked — since high school, your skin has been totally clear. Unfortunately, your skin still bears the scars inflicted from years battling the acne. Luckily, laser skin rejuvenation experts like Dr. Umar in Los Angeles can evaluate the condition of you skin and provide an effective rejuvenation treatment. He can advise the best option, or use his skill to combine a variety of methods.

Dr. Umar at FineTouch Dermatology in Los Angeles is the only dermatologist in his area with two of the Fraxel family of lasers. The range of treatments with Fraxel lasers varies in aggressiveness, recovery time and results; however, this form of laser skin rejuvenation provides you with several options to rid your skin of unsightly acne scars.

Fraxel Repair and Acne Scarring

Fraxel re:pair laser is a single treatment procedure for severely damaged skin, but requires the most recovery time and after-procedure care. The advantage is that one procedure is all that is necessary for Dr. Umar to help rid your skin of acne scarring.

Fraxel Restore For Acne Scars

A less aggressive procedure could be performed by Dr. Umar at FineTouch Dermatology in Los Angeles with the Fraxel re:store laser. The Fraxel re:store laser is typically recommended for those with mild to moderately damaged skin and the procedure is administered through 3 to 6 treatments. The recovery time and after-procedure care is minimal. Though this procedure calls for more treatments, the advantage is that the recovery time is significantly reduced.

The capabilities of Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Refine have been combined and further enhanced to create a newer model known as Fraxel Dual which uses the 1550nm and the 1925nm wavelengths.  1550 is useful for targeting deeper skin layers while 1927 is better suited for treating issues close to the skin’s surface.

Fraxel lasers are also known as fractional lasers. Fractional means that there are hundreds of tiny points of laser light that are beamed onto the surface of the skin. These points are spaced apart, which allows health skin to remain in between the affected parts. As a result, recovery time from Dr. Umar’s laser skin rejuvenation procedures at FineTouch Dermatology in Los Angeles is faster. The light also removes thin layers of skin with the least amount of heat damage possible.

Besides using Fraxel lasers for treating acne scars, Dr. Umar at FineTouch Dermatology in Los Angeles also provides a number of surgical options to elevate the depressed skin in order to blend it better with surrounding healthy skin.

At FineTouch Dermatology, our mantra is to reveal to the world the best you can be physically, using only the most minimally invasive state of the art techniques. The result you get is very significant but yet subtle without the usual “surgical look” that attends older techniques. To achieve these goals, Dr. Sanusi Umar draws from his extensive skill and the use of the technology and science some of which he pioneered.

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Acne Scar Improvements| Before & After Fraxel Dual

Patient before and after her laser treatment series for acne scarring. Fraxel Dual was applied after another form of laser treatment for clearing the active acne.*