Age spots are imperfections that appear on the surface of the skin in colors of brown, black, or even gray, and can be the size of freckles or be larger than a centimeter in width. Age spots are also known as liver spots, and can appear alone or in clusters on the skin. These marks on the skin are typically caused by too much exposure to the sun, and thus commonly appear on areas of the body that are most prone to be exposed to sunlight, such as the hands, face, shoulders, and arms. Age spots are most likely to appear on the skin of individuals older than the age of 40, but excessive sunlight exposure can lead to these spots to surface on the skin of people who are younger.

Assessing and Using the 1064 Q-Switched Laser For Age Spots

Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Umar, can evaluate your skin issues and determine whether the spots on your skin is an age spot, or a more serious spot. An age spot is simply a mark of imperfection on your skin that is changed in pigmentation, and is usually in the shape of a flat oval.

Dr Umar uses the Q switched 1064 laser to remove age spots from any part of the body and in all skin types. However, a more serious spot is characterized by irregular shapes and varies in colors. Therefore it is important to have a spot on the skin be treated or viewed by a dermatologist in order to avoid having the spot become a potential health hazard.

Patient With Age Spot Pigmentation|Before and After Her Treatment

Age spots were addressed with the Fraxel Dual laser, particularly the large area near the patient’s mouth.*

Monitoring Progress With Digital Imaging Analysis

At the FineTouch Dermatology Clinic in Los Angeles, Dr. Umar is a highly trained dermatologist who can diagnose your skin problems with his expertise and knowledge about skin. He uses the VISIA digital skin analysis system to evaluate your skin. With this technology, Dr. Umar would objectively quantify the degree of aging of your skin. Next, the scoring is repeated after you have been treated using any number of treatments recommended by Dr. Umar. This way, an objective number quantifying the extent of your improvement is obtained. Therefore, find out your skin aging score with the VISIA computerized skin complexion analysis and receive the best treatment offered for your age spot condition. For more information, please contact Dr. Umar at FineTouch Dermatology in his Redondo Beach office in Los Angeles at (310)318-1500, or visit