(image: Flickr) Jennifer Aniston’s picture perfect skin may be the result of using Fraxel laser treatments*

At age forty four, it seems that Jennifer Aniston has not aged much since her days playing Rachel on the hit NBC series, Friends. In fact, some people feel that she may have become even better looking over time. Just two years ago, Men’s Health Magazine dubbed her the Sexiest Woman of All Time. That is quite a compliment. Based on a 2012 interview she had with Conan O Brien, it may very well be that Fraxel laser is the fountain of youth for this Los Angeles star.

The talk show host noted how perfect and youthful Aniston’s skin looked, saying, “There’s a lot of references in the movie,[Wanderlust] and I realize its true, just looking at you now, other characters talk about how beautiful your skin is and I see you in person and your skin is just kinda perfect. And I’m wondering how you do that.”

Jennifer responded with a discussion about how she became obsessed with lasers. For her it started when she noticed sun spots developing on her face, since she has always enjoyed being out in the California sun.


After having the unwanted pigmentation removed, she decided to opt for a more comprehensive treatment. She described it as being like a peel that was “extremely intense.” She said she looked like “a battered burn victim for a week. And then it starts to fall off for like eight days.”


What Happens When You Get A Fraxel Repair Procedure?


Although Jennifer Aniston never specified the name Fraxel, it is very likely that she was describing a Fraxel Repair laser treatment.


This laser system administers tiny columns of light wavelengths through the skin layers. The fact that Jennifer’s experience was so intense may have been due to the fact that the laser offers an ablative form of treatment. This means that cells are actually removed. Within the vertical columns of energy, skin cells are evaporated. And this actually reduces the surface area to tighten the skin.


The columns of light are able to reach deep layers of the skin. This explains why Fraxel laser is able to achieve remarkable results . The energy converts to heat and triggers processes that lead to the formation of new collagen fibers. As we get older, our skin produces new collagen at a much slower rate. In fact, this is actually reserved for the healing of injuries. The heat levels that are administered are processed like wounds and trauma. Collagen is then produced to help strengthen the skin and protect it from further damage.


Patients normally need to reserve about a week in their schedules for downtime after their Fraxel Repair laser treatment, which is what Jennifer described.

Other Things To Know About Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Repair is usually restricted to patients with fair skin. Although Jennifer Aniston may be described as someone with a warmer complexion, doctors need to use a great deal of caution when treating someone who tans easily. The laser energy is easily absorbed by general areas of melanin. And this may incur overheating and scars. For darker, or ethnic skin tones, Fraxel Dual is a much safer option.

To watch a video of a patient who underwent a Fraxel Dual treatment, click here.