Celebrities in Los Angeles aren’t the only ones getting a sleeker and more toned look with cosmetic surgery. Doctors perform an estimated 500,000 liposuction procedures in the United States each year, making it the most popular type of cosmetic surgery, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Liposuction is a method of cosmetic surgery which is being used world wide to enhance one’s outer appearance and to increase one’s self confidence. You can opt for the liposuction procedure if you are not able to get rid of unwanted body fat. This cosmetic procedure can be performed on thighs, buttocks and back. Liposuction is also one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures because it offers safe, effective fat and cellulite removal and can easily be combined with other cosmetic surgery techniques. Some of the main liposuction benefits include improved health associated with fat loss, improved overall appearance, and the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
Fat removal, whether through dieting or plastic surgery such as liposuction, can have beneficial effects on your overall health and well-being. Most doctors agree that weight loss is the best way to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. Although liposuction cannot be used to remove large quantities of fat, it can be used for removal of stubborn pockets of fat of 10 pounds or less that resist dieting and exercise. Problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise can often be dramatically improved through liposuction. The body smoothing and contouring available with liposuction can make an individual look and feel better by simple virtue of the fact that their clothes fit better. Plastic surgery patients who undergo liposuction may even find unexpected benefits of the procedure as they begin to partake in activities that they had previously shied away from because they were unhappy with their appearance. Liposuction is also an effective fat removal treatment and can help eliminate unwanted pockets of fat that accumulate disproportionately in various areas of the body, contributing to a more desirable overall appearance.

Overall, liposuction creates a more streamlined physique and contours the targeted areas by decreasing fat and bulge in specific body parts. By removing excess body fat, patients can enjoy greater confidence and comfort during warmer months when wearing certain types of clothing may have previously been a concern or challenge. Additionally, liposuction can assist patients toward a healthier lifestyle and inspire diet and fitness changes which may last a lifetime with commitment and perseverance. To maximize your liposuction benefits, it is vital that you choose the liposuction procedure best suited to your case and find a surgeon capable of delivering excellent results and follow-up care. If you are in the Los Angeles area, it is especially to your advantage to find the best surgeon since many top plastic surgeons practice in Los Angeles.

Using minimally invasive local anesthetic techniques, Dr. Umar employs the latest technologies to melt and suck away facial and body bulges. The risk of general anesthesia is eliminated in the process. The result is immediately evident with minimal down time. In some instances, your presentation may call for removal of excess skin (e.g., tummy tuck). Dr. Umar would evaluate you regarding any surgery and determine the best course of action for you. For more information on Dr. Umar and the procedure, please contact the dermatologists at FineTouch Dermatology Clinic in Los Angeles at (310)318-1500 or visit our website at FineTouch Dermatology.