This patient had trouble with the length and height of her nose bridge–it was too short and flat to hold up her glasses, which are worn daily for her job. She needed them to stop sliding down her nose, but didn’t want a dramatic physical change. Additionally, she wanted to avoid undergoing a surgical nose job. Subtle, simple, and effective were her main goals.

About Radiesse For A  Non-Surgical Nose Job

Radiesse is a thick, calcium hydroxyapatite filler that is administered through injection. Its consistency is similar to peanut butter. This firm compound is designed to mold into a frame-like collagen support beneath the skin. Its durability can provide structural facial augmentation without surgery. This includes cheek enhancement, jowl lift, and nose job.

This option was perfect for the patient. She presented to Dr. Umar with her list of goals and he was able to satisfy them through this non-invasive method. Her treatment was done quickly, and she saw the immediate improvement in her nasal bridge contour. It only took a week for this patient to see her swelling and redness completely diminish.

Patient’s Nose Job Without Surgery- Before and After Photos

Front View| Non-Surgical Nose Job - Before and After Comparison

Front view of patient’s nose compared before and after her Radiesse treatment*

Non-Surgical Nose Job| Profile View

View of nose bridge shown before and after patient’s non-surgical nose job.*

Patient Wears Glasses| Nose Bridge Contouring Without Surgery

Following the patient’s procedure, she is able to support standard glasses due to the results of her nose job achieved with the Radiesse filler.*

Patient’s Video – Radiesse For Enhancing Nose Bridge

The patient says she’s gotten positive feedback about the slight aesthetic change to her nose, which now appears longer and thinner. As a result, her mother also wants to have the procedure done. The patient likes the new shape of her nose, but more importantly, she is happy that her glasses stay in place.

Non-Surgical Nose Job – Office of Dr. U

If you want to make a slight change to your nose bridge, treatment with Radiesse may be your best option. This alternative to rhinoplasty circumvents the cost, potential risk, and recovery time of surgery. Results can last up to 12 months. Don’t hesitate to fill out this free online consultation form to get started on your non-surgical nose job.

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