Eyebrow hair transplant procedures are not new to the field of  cosmetic procedures.  Hair follicles from the head are extracted and inserted into the brows.  However with conventional techniques, there are two concerns:

1) risk of scars

2) unnatural look of thick head hair.

Eyebrow Restoration with UGraft

Dr. Umar developed an advanced form of hair restoration for the eyebrows. Using his proprietary technology called uGraft, he is able to extract follicles from other areas of the body including:

1) arms

2) legs

3) nape of the neck

These regions supply thinner hairs that are a closer match for brow hair. uGraft procedures for the eyebrows can take around two and a half hours.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Featured On Good Morning America

Good Morning America discussed the growing trend of fuller brows taking its place  in today’s beauty standards.  Celebrity influence has played a major role in this phenomena.

Kim Kardashian’s brows are one of the most desired shapes.  Brook Shield’s thick and distinctive brows made her a popular 80’s beauty icon. People still love her eyebrows. And Miley Cyrus is another example of a celebrity with influential brows.

Here is the Good Morning America segment:

The popular morning show featured before and after images of three Fine Touch Dermatology patients:

1) Pamela Pemrose who suffered from hair loss in her brows for ten years.  She said it affected her self esteem. With the help of Dr. Umar’s  eyebrow hair transplant procedure, she was able to get the exact thickness and shape she wanted. She remarked, “I feel like a totally different person. I feel more more confident.”

2) Sarah Tirosh who lost brow hairs due to overplucking and hormonal changes. She resorted to tattoos,  but wanted to have real hairs for a more natural look.  After her procedure, she commented, “Now my face looks very even and normal. I am absolutely happy a hundred percent.”

3) Shannon Morrison had very thin, sparse brows. She also underwent an eyebrow hair transplant for a thicker, fuller shape.

A  Good Morning America correspondent made a good point in saying, “If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frame.”

Eyebrow Transplant| Good Morning America Segment

Unveiling of Pamela Pemrose’s eyebrow transplant results seen on Good Morning America.*

Sarah Tirosh| Good Morning America- Eyebrow Transplant Segment

Sarah Tirosh discusses her eyebrow restoration experience on Good Morning America.*

Shannon Morrison| Eyebrow Transplant- Good Morning America

Patient, Shannon Morrison was also featured on GMA regarding her eyebrow reconstruction.*

Consultations For Brow Hair Restoration

If you are also interested in having fuller brows, sign up for a free eyebrow hair transplant consultation.  We offer this opportunity for prospective patients to ask questions and learn more about the procedure.  You may fill out our online consultation form at the top of the page. Or you may call our office directly at 877-337-6424.