Before and After Brooke Shields Inspired Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Eyebrow Hair Transplant By Dr. Umar Featured on Good Morning America

Eyebrow hair transplant procedures are gaining interest due to the beauty trend of fuller, thicker brows.  According to Good Morning America,  many women are inspired by Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows. Other influential celebrities include: 1) Miley Cyrus 2) Brooke Shields 3) Angelina Jolie Tattoos and cosmetic pencils have been used to refine the look of the

Patient Featured on Good Morning America| Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Dr. Umar’s Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure on Good Morning America

Eyebrow hair transplant procedures are not new to the field of  cosmetic procedures.  Hair follicles from the head are extracted and inserted into the brows.  However with conventional techniques, there are two concerns: 1) risk of scars 2) unnatural look of thick head hair. Eyebrow Restoration with UGraft Dr. Umar developed an advanced form of

Los Angeles Patient With Chest Rosacea Before Vbeam Laser Treatment

Results of Rosacea Treatment With The Vbeam Laser – Los Angeles Patient

Rosacea is a condition marked by skin redness. While it often affects the face, it can occur on other parts of the body as well. The patient in this video was diagnosed as having an atypical form of rosacea. He sought the help of Dr. Umar because the redness on his chest seemed to be