The puberty years may seem to linger for some who experience acne in adulthood. At least that is how it is often perceived. That is not true though. What is often a huge misconception of acne is that it only occurs in adolescent years. So what about the adults that suffer from acne?

What Causes Adult Acne?

It is true that even grown ups can also be plagued by break outs, years after adolescence.

Hormonal fluctuations may continue to affect the adult body. Surges of androgens will cause the sebaceous glands to get bigger and release more oil. This will contribute to the blocked pores which form acne pimples.

But this does not mean you need to constantly wash your face throughout the day.

For many people, it won’t make a difference. In these cases, physiological issues contribute to obstructions in the pores. This causes bacteria to grow which leads to inflammation.

Acne can be classified as inflammatory, and non-inflammatory. Inflammatory acne is in result of a hormonal imbalance, and an abnormal skin cell shedding within the inner follicular lining. Higher levels of androgens cause the sebaceous glands to become bigger and more active in producing oil. As a result, the pores develop stubborn blockages that cannot easily be cleared.

Non-inflammatory acne is caused from skin pore blockages that develop from internal or external debris. This type of acne is not related to hormones, or abnormal patterns of skin cell shedding.

So, stop picking at your face hoping that it will get better.  The issues of  stubborn pore blockages, bacteria and overly active oil glands originate from deep beneath the skin’s surface

A dermatologist like Dr. U can offer medical advice on one’s condition, and decide on the best treatment to clear up the skin in a relatively short period of time

 Why Choose Lasers For Acne Problems?

Many people are unaware that laser energy can create ideal improvements. This may be why they spend hundreds of dollars on well-marketed products that do not offer the best results.

Before rushing out to the local drug store to spend money on products that claim to give you clear skin, learn about what causes acne, and how laser treats it to achieve a clearer complexion.

Laser is great since it is able to unblock pores that have become clogged at deep levels. The energy from the laser kills the bacteria that cause inflammation. In addition, to decrease oil secretion, lasers can burn away the outer layer that surrounds the sebaceous glands. This causes them to secrete less oil.

Other reasons why laser is viewed as being a better route to clear up the face is because medical interventions, such as certain  drugs may contain toxic ingredients. Any chemical that is put in your mouth travels throughout the body, and may cause other issues pertaining to the organs.

Lasers do not damage any internal parts of the body. The energy is only targeted in the area that is being treated. Wavelengths don’t linger in the body, unlike compounds from a medication.

Some people may think that their acne is too severe, and laser may not make a difference.

But as mentioned earlier, laser energy is operates at very specific levels of the skin. And this is what contributes to its effectiveness, even for very severe cases.

In summary,  the use of lasers can provide quicker results compared to an oral medication.  Important considerations include the type of acne one has as well as the severity.  But the ability to treat precise causes without disturbing other areas is what makes lasers an ideal treatment choice.

Acne and Scar Laser Treatment| Patient's Results

The Spectra laser was used to control the existing acne. And the Fraxel Dual laser was used to treat the acne scars.*