Hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar, is the key ingredient to this seemingly magical compound that works anti-aging wonders. Restylane is made with the powers of bioengineering to restructure hyaluronic acid and combine it with a gel-based medium. And voila! What, in nature, is a lubricating sugar composite found in the joints, tendons, and muscles, becomes an anti-aging miracle.

How Restylane is Administered and How It Works

These treatments are given through injections at the site of need. Once inside the body, it promotes the manufacture of new collagen, while also binding with water molecules, elastin, and existing collagen. This plumps up tissue volume, among other things.

Restylane injections last about four months, but they bring about little to no chance of an allergic reaction due to the fact that it is bioengineered to be protein-free. The number of injections a patient will need to attain the desired result depends on the physical state of the patient, his or her goals, and the condition he or she is being treated for.

Restylane| Youthfulness & Facial Volume

(image- Creative Commons) Restylane is used to achieve improved facial tissue volume, a hallmark characteristic of younger looking faces.

The Seven Wonders of Restylane

The main seven things doctors use this dermal filler for include:

  1. Wrinkle treatments
  2. Get rid of nasolabial folds
  3. Get rid of crow’s feet
  4. Reduce forehead wrinkles/frown lines
  5. Add volume to orbital troughs
  6. Plump up the lips
  7. Contour the chin

Restylane Vs. Juvederm

Restylane is quite similar to Juvederm—another dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid. Restylane is slightly thicker and less pliable, but gives less chance of an allergic response. Juvederm lasts longer (up to nine months) and more easily coalesces with the surrounding tissue, but has a higher chance of allergic reaction.

Los Angles Restylane Treatments

Dr. Umar of FineTouch Dermatology is licensed and experienced with administering Restylane to patients who want cosmetic anti-aging enhancements without the invasiveness, expense, and physical toll of a surgical procedure.