Long and thick eyelashes help accentuate the appearance of the eyes. They soften and enhance the feminine beauty of the face. And they also help to add a natural looking definition to the lash line.


there are various methods to achieve fuller, longer eyelashes (image: flickr)*

If you are like countless women who love the look of full, gorgeous lashes, you may be wondering what options are available for improving your own. Here are some common options that simply help create the look of longer lashes:
(1) Mascara
Mascara is a makeup staple for most people. Some people are happy with drug store brands. Others prefer products available at high end luxury counters. Many of these items claim to lengthen your lashes. But what really happens is that they are able to coat the finely tapered tips of the hair shafts. Since these ends are normally not as visible, thickening them with mascara can make the entire lash length appear longer.
(2) False eyelash strips
For thicker, longer and more dramatic looking lashes, false eyelash strips can be used. Adhesive is used to affix the edges to the lash line. Some people cut out tufts of hair from these strips and glue them horizontally along intervals of the eyelashes. These options are great for a night out or for on camera appearances like photo shoots and videos. But for every day wear, they can be time consuming, for morning routines, especially since the process requires fine tuned hand eye coordination and patience.
(3) Extensions
Eyelash extensions need to be done by a professional. Basically they are individual hair extensions for the eyelashes. They require a very specialized glue that allows them to look extremely seamless. However, these adhesives can cause irritation. And extensions may even pull at the natural lashes causing them to shed. More medical professionals are dissuading individuals from relying on them.
(4) Latisse
Latisse is a prescription drug which can actually cause your real lash hairs to grow. The active ingredient is bimatoprost which lengthens the growth phase of the hair cycle.

Makeup Tip To Create the Appearance of A Thicker Lash Line

Length is one important feature of the eyelashes. But thickness is another. It helps create more definition around the eyes. While eyeliner can certainly help, some women prefer this to look as discreet as possible. One makeup technique that can help achieve this is what is known as tightlining.
The eyeliner is applied under the lashes around the last half to a third of the length. Here is a video example:

Surgery for Longer, Fuller Eyelashes

The possibility of actually having naturally longer hair growth is possible through transplant surgery for the eyelashes. This can be done by extracting hair follicles from the nape and inserting them into the lash line. Results are permanent and can offer much convenience in terms of time and expense.
Here is a video of one of our patients here at Fine Touch Dermatology who had this done.

For more information on transplantation procedures for the eyelashes, click here.