Currently, there are many ways to achieve the look of longer lashes. These can include the use of mascara and false lashes which require the use of adhesives. Before her surgery, the patient in this video relied on extensions. Extensions are similar to the concept of false lashes. Hair strands are professionally attached to the eyelash shafts, extending the length of each one.

Although extensions can look quite realistic and convincing, routine visits to the salon are needed. And these costs can add up over time, as this patient explains.

Furthermore, many beauty experts and medical professionals are warning individuals of the potential risks associated with getting lash extensions. The adhesives can irritate the eyes and cause more serious problems.

Also this patient experienced further loss of her natural eyelashes as a result of wearing extensions.  Additionally, her results did not last as long as she would have liked since she is an avid swimmer.

Although she had experimented with Latisse, the regular applications became inconvenient and cumbersome. It is quite common for many people to lapse and inadvertently miss days. However, results really depend on consistency.

Short Eyelashes| Before Transplant Surgery

Patient seen with her original eyelashes prior to undergoing transplant surgery with nape hair grafts*

Eyelash Restoration With uGraft

These issues explain how eyelash transplantation can be the best option for longer lash growth for this patient. Grafts were taken from her nape (i.e. back of the neck). Doctor Umar used his uGraft punch to achieve this. The donor areas healed quite well without traces of scarring.

Although the nape follicles were inserted along the lash line, the hairs will continue to grow as they did before. Therefore, trimming and curling of the eyelashes are necessary. Patients can choose any length they want.

Before and After Photos of Eyelash Transplant Surgery

Close Up of Eyelash Transplant Results| Before and After Photos

Eyelash transplant results compared to patient’s original lashes.*

Eyelash Transplant | Nape Hair Grafts

Patient’s results seen with mascara and curl.*

Eyelash Restoration Results|Side View

View of eyelash transplant growth seen from the side.*

Patient’s Video – Naturally Long Lashes After Restoration Procedure

The results in this video are shown at just four months. Continued improvements are expected to occur up to a year after the surgery.

While eyelash transplant surgery may be the best option for some, Latisse can also be used for longer lashes. For more information, click here.