This patient has to wear glasses for her job, but she was facing a problem–the flatness and shortness of her nasal bridge caused them to constantly slide down. She needed to correct this nuisance, but wanted to avoid rhinoplasty or any other kind of surgery. She wanted to find a simple procedure that would not create a drastic aesthetic change to her face, but would yet raise and elongate her nose bridge subtly enough to support her glasses. Watch the video of her results.

non-surgical asian nose job

Non-Surgical Asian Nose Job*


How Non-Surgical Nose Job with Radiesse Works

Radiesse injections are referred to as the “liquid facelift.” That’s because it is a dense compound derived from a substance in our bones called calcium hydroxyapatite. Once injected into the tissue, the filler is molded into a support matrix that facilitates the growth of new collagen. This level of durability enables not only non-surgical nose job, but also cheek contouring (cheek lift), chin augmentation, and jowl lift.

Non-surgical asian nose job with radiesse result

Non-Surgical Asian Nose Job with Radiesse Result*

This was the ideal treatment to meet the patient’s goals. Dr. Umar performed the 30-minute procedure on her, injecting the Radiesse to create a higher nose bridge, which also makes the nose appear longer. The non-invasive treatment showed a difference in the contour of her nasal bridge immediately following injection. She reports that she experienced mild swelling and redness that lasted for one week.

Most important to the patient is the fact that her glasses now stay securely in place. However, she also reports receiving positive feedback about her slightly altered appearance. Namely, her mother responded positively and now wants to get the procedure done for herself.

result of asian non-surgical nose job

Result of Asian Non-Surgical Nose Job*

Non-Surgical Nose Job and You

Making a slight alteration to your nose bridge for practical or aesthetic purposes can be done with surgery. With Radiesse, there is no need for incisions or surgical instruments, far less risk of infection, and even less cost. Results typically last 9 to 12 months. Find out if a non-surgical nose job is the treatment for you by filling out this online consultation form and receiving an assessment, free of charge.

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