Treatment For Eyebags in Los Angeles


As we age, the area under the eyes undergoes changes that can make us look tired and old.  The tissue beneath our eyes is extremely delicate is quite prone to sagging, aging and the effects of gravity. This is how eyebags form.

The orbital trough tissue under our eyes is made primarily of

  • Skin
  • Muscles
  • Fat

Collagen fibers degrade and the skin loses its firmness.  Muscles also become weaker and contribute to the mass that constitute the eyebags.

Also, fat deposits are normally contained by a membrane, which enables the skin under the eyes to be flush with the rest of the face. Over time, this membrane starts to weaken and deteriorate. This causes the fat deposits to shift and form the bulges that create eyebags.

These changes and dynamics are largely governed by genetics.  Most often the signs of aging beneath the eyes are usually displayed as a pattern across family members.

Eyebags Removal Techniques

Lower eye blepharoplasty is a term that refers to the cosmetic correction of the undereye area.

The solution for removing eye bags will be different for individual patients since there is no standard process in creating the ideal results. In some cases a combination of techniques can be used instead of relying exclusively on a single procedure.

Eyebags can be removed using the following treatment types.

  1. Surgery: Sometimes fat deposits need to be removed through surgery. However, there are doctors who caution against the full removal of these deposits since this can lead to a hollowed and skeleton-like appearance.
  2. Dermal Fillers: In other patients, the answer is not to remove fat deposits, but to redistribute the tissue instead.  Others may choose to use dermal fillers like Radiesse which would restructure the undereye area. For  patients whose eyebags are caused by saggy skin as opposed to bulging tissue, hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane would add volume and even out the skin beneath the eyes.
  3. Laser: Eyebags can be treated by CO2 laser to remove the fat from the lower lids. However this depends highly on the skill level of the practitioner. Most doctors will use lasers only to tighten and firm the skin under the eyes, instead of actually removing the deposits forming the eyebags.

Despite the claims of advertisers, eyebags cannot be removed using cream. However creams, lotions and serums can create a temporary tightening effect which can help improve the appearance of eyebags. This might only be apparent in minor cases as opposed to individuals with significant bulges. It is best to speak to a board certified dermatologist to ask about specific measures that would create significant and natural looking results.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to learn more about custom procedures for the undereye area, Dr. Umar is available for free consultations.