Fraxel Dual According To Lucky Magazine

Fraxel Dual According To Lucky Magazine

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It is always interesting to hear about  skin treatment experiences of other patients.  Jennifer Scruby, a writer at Lucky Magazine wrote an article back in December (2012) about her Fraxel Dual laser skin treatment.

She reported that her friends noticed a positive difference in her skin even though she did not get a face lift.  One of her friends decided to also follow suit and schedule an appointment.

A major point that she emphasizes is that the laser treatment actually changes your skin by creating new elastin and collagen fibers.

How Fraxel Dual Works

Fraxel Dual has two energy wavelength modes:

(1) 1950nm

(2) 1927nm

These are longer wavelengths than what many other lasers have.  This means that they will not scatter and become absorbed by the melanin that colors your skin. Instead, they will strictly work on the goals of your treatment.  This property makes it safe for patients of all ethnic groups.

When Fraxel Dual reaches lower skin layers, its heat will stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. As we get older, our ability to create these proteins declines. What Fraxel does is triggers the skin’s wound healing mechanism in order to develop skin firming protein.

After the procedure, most people have a sun burn effect. In most cases, the outer skin layer sheds and younger new skin is revealed.  Continuous improvement continues for two to three months.

Other Fraxel Dual Patient Examples

Jennifer’s testimony is consistent with what others have reported.  Here are a few examples.

This patient was interested in getting rid of age spots. However, she received other benefits from her treatment procedure including:

(1) reduced pores

(2) smoother texture

Fraxel Dual Treatment in Redondo Beach CA

Los Angeles patient before and after her Fraxel Dual procedure

Fraxel Dual can also be used as a separate treatment phase following other lasers.  For example,  the Spectra laser was used on this patient for a gentle exfoliation, almost like a chemical peel. Fraxel Dual then helped clear away brown pigmentation and addressed deeper skin layers for a well rounded laser skin rejuvenation.


patient who received treatment for age spots and skin texture – before and after images

Beautifying Your Skin From The Inside Out

Truly refining the surface of your skin is possible by working at the physiological level. Fraxel Dual is certainly one of the best tools for helping women achieve this.

Smooth and glowing skin  will surely enhance  the effect of foundation and powder and other forms of makeup.

Complimentary Fraxel Dual Consultations For Patients in Los Angeles

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to learn more about Fraxel Dual for your own skin needs, you may visit our office for a free initial consultation.  You may call us at 877-377-6424 or fill out our form at the top of the page.