One of the most common skin solutions that people seek is a good acne treatment.

When we see ourselves in the mirror, feelings are automatically evoked. These emotions are actually more telling than we realize. According to Steven Feldman, who is a dermatology professor at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine says, “The skin in general, and particularly the skin of the face, is the way we see ourselves. It’s the way others see us, and most importantly, it’s the way we think others see us.”

As we try to find a solution for acne issues,  it may seem like there are numerous products and services to consider. Obviously the most important factor is whether or not we will like the results. This is why it is important to understand how interventions work. Learning about the experiences of real people can also be very helpful.

Acne Treatment- Two Los Angeles Patients

This Los Angeles patient underwent an acne treatment with the Spectra laser before addressing her acne scars with Fraxel Dual. In this video, she talks about how she no longer feels the need to cover up her skin with makeup. And she also mentions how she does not feel as conscious about what her skin looks like.

Also her results were measured using digital imaging technology. Initially, her skin was scored at a 40th percentile ranking. After her laser acne treatment, she moved up to the 89th percentile.

Manhattan Beach CA Acne Laser Treatment

Acne treatment results on Los Angeles patient*

Here is another video of patient who also had her acne cleared with Spectra before her acne scar removal with Fraxel Dual

The Emotional Effects of Acne

Having zits is not something that is restricted to adolescence.

Both  women in the acne treatment videos are examples of adults who struggled with the condition.

Another area they have in common is reporting feelings of  self consciousness about their skin and used makeup to help cover up their pimples and scars.

However in some cases, the effects of stubborn acne can have more serious emotional consequences. According to Web MD, adults with acne are two to three times more likely to suffer from depression. And studies show that women are more vulnerable to feelings of self consciousness and a loss of self esteem.

Ted Grossbert, an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard says that acne can caused people to become angry with themselves or the world. This is due to feeling ugly and unloved.

Finding an effective acne treatment may help improve the way many patients feel about themselves. But in some cases, it may also be important to take the steps needed to heal emotionally and to regain a healthy sense of self esteem.