Dark circles under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern for many people.  This issue is caused by the thinness of skin in the tear trough area. This causes blood vessels to be visible.  There are two types of dark circles:

(1) blue

(2) brown

Blueness is caused by oxygenated blood. Dark brown circles are actually caused by hyperpigmentation due to melanin.  This can be caused by an individual’s genetics. For example, brown undereye circles are often seen in Asians and those of African descent. They can also be caused by rubbing the eyes or excessive sun exposure.

As we get older, we lose subcutaneous fat in our tear troughs. This is why dark circles occur, especially in our later years.

How to Address the Issue of Dark Circles With Makeup

Clever makeup techniques can help conceal the appearance of dark under eye circles.  The most ideal option, of course, would be the actual reversal of this phenomenon. But the use of cosmetics can offer some level of respite for going to work, taking photos, camera appearances and social occasions.

Here is a video tutorial which may be helpful.

The use of concealers and foundation to help hide the appearance of dark circles is perhaps most helpful for issues in their minor stages.  They can also provide a rather convincing effect in photos and videos.

But in face to face encounters, the use of makeup can be somewhat obvious to onlookers. And if the person has fine lines and wrinkles, these cosmetics can settle into the creases.

What to Do About Fine Lines and Wrinkles Under the Eyes

It is always best to prevent problems during early stages. If you are young enough to not have signs of aging in the tear troughs, this would probably be a great time to start taking measures to prevent them.

Since the skin under the eyes is very delicate, it is quite susceptible to damage. Therefore, using sunscreen on a daily basis would help protect this tissue from the damage caused by UV rays, which can lead to fine and deeper lines.

Damage can also arise from internal sources. This can include the heavy use of cigarettes and alcohol.  Poor diet choices eventually become quite detrimental to the skin, especially if they contribute to the formation of free radicals which damages cells.

In addition to sunscreen, it is also recommended that you use a retinol cream.  Potent strengths are available as prescriptions. And milder formulations are available over the counter.

When to Choose Cosmetic Procedures For Dark Circles and Wrinkles Under the Eyes

If prevention is too late and the issues under the eyes take on a severe appearance that you feel strongly about correcting,  cosmetic procedures may be something to consider.

Since the skin under the eyes is quite thin, most hyaluronic acid fillers would not be recommended.  They may create a bluish hue due to the Tyndall effect where light rays are bent in creating this discoloration.

Radiesse is white and opaque. It can not only fill in lines, but also act as a subcutaneous layer to help mask the appearance of dark circles.


Los Angeles patient before and after treatment with Radiesse for dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes*

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