Facelift has been the favored approach to the sagging jowls for a long time. It is however thought of with multiple risks some of which can be severe. Facelift also involves a very long and involved downtime. The results of many facelifts are unnatural and many people in the public know the tell tale signs of a facelift.  For many, Mary Tyler Moore comes to mind when it comes to the “facelift look”. Lately it has been discovered by cosmetic surgeons that one of the key causes of aging is volume loss.

Why Choose Radiesse Injections For A Younger Looking Face

For this reason Dr Umar and many others are beginning to approach the treatment of the saggy face by addressing volume loss rather than cutting and pulling. Volume is achieved by the use of fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm. In some instances, your own body fat is used. Fillers like Radiesse have the advantage of being consistent and more predictable compared to fat which gets reabsorbed to unpredictable degrees.  Using Radiesse to correct jowls is relatively painless, with virtually no downtime and with minimal risks when compared to a facelift. There are no scars to hide with the procedure and the results are typically subtle. Fillers like Radiesse is also used to correct nose contour problems and can be used to achieve results in ways that negate the need for Rhynoplasty.

Radiesse| higher & plumper cheeks without surgery

Los Angeles patient who had Radiesse to enhance the shape of her cheeks and to rejuvenate the area under her eyes*

Radiesse As An Alternative to Rhinoplasty

Like facelifts, rhinoplasty is a very involved surgery that is done under general anesthesia. It has many risks and the downtime is significant. In many instances, Radiesse can save the patient the need for rhinoplasty and all the risks and downtime that it entails.  Not only does this method keep the rhinoplasty risks away, but patients can return to work the same day! Ok well maybe you don’t have to mention that to the boss and you can take the rest 0f the day off, but the point is that you are in and out of the doctors office with no serious recovery time. No pain, and beauty to gain!

The patient shown in these photos chose Radiesse for the treatment of her very prominent jowls as well as frown lines. She did not want botox, surgery, or lasers. This patient was extremely happy with her results. And speaking of results, Radiesse is not permanent, lasting 9-12 months typically. What’s so great about this you ask? With age our faces change, and after those 1 to 2 years, adjustments can be made according to those changes, resulting in a natural look.