Acne Keloidalis Nuchae(AKN)- Acne Keloid Scar Tricophytic Surgical Cure

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae (AKN) is a keloid like condition that affects the back of the head and neck. Many mistakenly attribute it to razor bumps or shaving bumps. It actually not cause by shaving. It is also not caused by ingrown hair. It is chronic and permanent and resistant to treatment.. It afflicts people of

Vbeam Laser For Facial Veins

V-Beam Laser for the Treatment of Rosacea and Facial Spider Veins

The most effective and latest laser model from Candela, Dr. Umar uses this laser for the treatment of red spots, port-wine stains and related birthmarks, pigmented moles, rosacea, thin facial veins, spider veins, moles and scars. The Vbeam pulsed laser system is designed to safely treat a multitude of vascular skin conditions. The Vbeam is

VISIA Skin Analysis Offered By. Dr. Umar

VISIA Computerized Skin Complexion Analysis

In his quest for excellence, Dr. Umar has incorporated into his practice the most objective way to assess your skin rejuvenation needs. VISIA is an advanced computer photography system manufactured by Canfield that scores your facial skin on each of the following parameters of aging and sun damage: Spots Wrinkles Pores Texture Ultraviolet (sun damage)