Although makeup can be used to produce amazing transformations with the help of a professional, it can only cover up imperfections. As a better option, it is always best to correct the root issue.

Dermatology based wrinkle and age spot treatment options will target physiological causes like excess melanin or deteriorated collagen fibers. Once these issues have been addressed, the skin then becomes a canvas for wonderful possibilities with makeup.

Air Brush Makeup – For Covering Brown Spots & More

The results of air brush makeup can surpass traditional techniques.  Other benefits include:

• Lighter and more even coverage as opposed to being caked on with makeup. This allows the makeup to compliment one’s true skin tone instead of covering it up. However it should be noted that air brush makeup is not a replacement for medical age spot and wrinkle treatment interventions, especially more severe cases.

• Water resistance- Perspiration and tears will not affect results.

• Matte finish- touching up with powder is not necessary. Facial powder can settle into wrinkles and make individuals look older.

• More hygienic- Since there are no makeup brushes or sponges, bacteria is not a concern.

• Does not enhance the appearance of pores. Regular powder and foundation can settle into pores making them look more noticeable. If pore size is an issue, your dermatologist can recommend cosmetic lasers can help make modulate the tissue of your skin to actually make pores smaller.

Professional Los Angeles makeup artist, Valerie JC specializes in airbrush makeup and facial analysis. According to one of her clients, “To request Val, it is worth EVERY bit. She always takes such meticulous care in her work and I always receive compliments at every turn.”

Another client adds,

“Val is an incredibly talented makeup artist who is second to none. I’ve witnessed her work on celebrities, models, brides and bridesmaids. The transformation she does and the natural highlighting of the girls beautiful features is second to none. She is world class… “

Here is an image from her portfolio of one of her clients:

Valerie | Make Up Artist| Age Spot and Wrinkle Treatment

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