Cosmetic Procedures

Botox results & cosmetic procedures can affect self esteem positively

Botox results can affect a person’s appearance and self esteem.  Researchers are taking an interest in the psychological effects of cosmetic procedures.

Some people might guess that these treatments have a negative effect on one’s  self concept.  They may think that a person who dislikes their appearance  already has low self esteem. So getting Botox or other cosmetic procedure will add to this issue.

Studies, however, are finding that   Botox results  and cosmetic procedures actually have positive outcomes on self esteem and perspectives on life.

Research on Botox results and Self Esteem

Dr. Steven Dayan of Chicago Illinois  conducted an experiment to learn more about the psychological effects of Botox.  The focus was  to see how patients viewed  their lives before and after their treatment.

One hundred participants took part  in this double blind study. The subjects and experimenters were not aware of what was being injected. Some people received botulinum toxin. And others received a placebo.

Questionnaires were given before the procedures, two weeks later and three months afterwards.   The responses were analyzed to  learn about the psychological effects of Botox results.

Participants rated areas like:

1)      Their appearance

2)      How self conscious they were

3)      How they felt about their lives.

The data showed a significant increase in self esteem among the subjects who received Botox. These findings were published in a well respected medical journal called Dermatologic Surgery.

Research Beyond Botox Results

Other studies also support positive effects of other types of cosmetic procedures. This includes:

1)      A study published in Plastic Surgical Nursing. This examined the effects of breast augmentation on self esteem.

2)      A study sponsored by The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation. This looked at the relationship between self image and cosmetic surgery. Positive self evaluations were evident for a year following the procedure.

A Possible Explanation of Botox Results and Psychological Effects

The experience of feeling unhappy with one’s own appearance is normal.  In fact, scientists have found that babies will respond favorably to images of attractive faces. This suggests that our perceptions of beauty are not  acquired. They are somehow hard wired in our neurology. So  having an improved self concept boost is a natural reaction. This may help explain the results of these research studies.

Cosmetic procedures are not cures or quick fixes for life’s problems and past hurts.  Every individual needs to be responsible for achieving a positive relationship within themselves. Enhancing one’s appearance can supplement (not replace) these efforts.