Need A Facelift Without Surgery? Laser Rejuvenation May be the Answer for Your Skin

As we age, skin naturally begins to thin, loose elasticity, and sag; especially the skin on the face, which starts off thinner than the rest of the body. But a scalpel and sutures aren’t always what’s needed to give your face a boost. Far less invasive than surgery is laser rejuvenation. How Does Laser Rejuvenation

Los Angeles makeup artist

Los Angeles Makeup Artist, Christine Craven

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and wish everyone a joyous 2012! Here at Fine Touch Dermatology, we believe that achieving beauty is a holistic process.  Wrinkle treatments,  such as fillers and laser skin  rejuvenation help improve the structure and smoothness of your skin.  But the finishing touches , like hair and