Portfolio image of Los Angeles makeup artist Christine Craven

Image from the portfolio of Los Angeles makeup artist Christine Craven*

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and wish everyone a joyous 2012!

Here at Fine Touch Dermatology, we believe that achieving beauty is a holistic process.  Wrinkle treatments,  such as fillers and laser skin  rejuvenation help improve the structure and smoothness of your skin.  But the finishing touches , like hair and makeup enhance your unique features.

There are many talented beauty professionals we’d like to showcase.

Christine Craven is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  She works for private clients and media projects in fashion, film, magazines and television. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, for example as well as CNN, PBS and the Style Network.

Dermatologists can make physiological corrections in your skin. Once issues like these are addressed, a makeup artist can bring out your eyes, apply colors that are right for you and polish the look of your skin so that it is camera ready.

Many of Christine’s clients have rated her as a five star makeup artist on the Los Angeles regional section of Yelp. She is known for being able to accomplish a natural look, listening to her client’s requests and adding her own creative touches.  And she can work with any skin tone.

Being able to see the best version of yourself in the mirror and in photographs is a wonderful way to build confidence.  This year, make it a resolution to bring out the best in yourself within every aspect of your life.