Your fridge and medicine cabinet most likely have effective, simple products for beauty and skincare fixes. Whether it’s to prevent athlete’s foot or acne, these products work double-duty on common ailments and improve over all health and wellbeing.

These simple products for beauty and skincare are also cost-effective and dermatologist approved. If these preventative measures don’t work, consult with a dermatologist to advise you on treatment options.



You eat it for: Digestive health & radiant skin

The probiotic bacteria in yogurt assist with healthy digestion. Simple products for beauty and skincare such as yogurt can also be very beneficial for the skin. The same bacteria that aid digestive health regulate your skin’s pH balance, helping with radiance and a clear complexion. Bacteria are one of the main factors in acne development. When your skin has clogged pores, too much oil and inflammation, bacteria are left to run rampant. It’s especially problematic when the pH level is too alkaline. If bacteria enter through microscopic fissures in the skin, acne and skin infections can result.

Also helpful for: Gum disease prevention

Lactic acid in yogurt helps protect your gums from the harmful bacteria that cause periodontal disease. According to Kyushu University scientists in Japan, those who consume 55 grams of yogurt per day have significantly fewer markers of this chronic condition than those who don’t include yogurt in their diets.

If you’re suffering from severe acne: Laser treatments

Make an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss laser treatment options.

Using VBeam and Levulan is a highly effective severe and cystic acne treatment. Skin improvement is usually noticeable after the first two to three treatments, with acne clearing by the end of the three to four acne treatment regimen. Sessions are performed every four weeks.


You use it for: Freshening breath & oral hygiene

Mouthwash contains antimicrobial properties that reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth, whether it’s alcohol-free or not. It also supplements brushing and flossing teeth to prevent gingivitis and cavities.

Also handy for: Preventing athlete’s foot

You can use the alcohol-based mouthwash to keep your feet and toenails healthy. The high alcohol content of alcohol-based formulations helps avert fungal infections. Apply to a cotton ball and then swab the bottoms of your feet and between toes after every shower to prevent athlete’s foot.

If you have severe athlete’s foot: Topical and oral prescription antifungals

Most cases can be treated at home using an antifungal medicine to kill the fungus or slow its growth. If this fails, make an appointment with your physician to examine your outbreak. Prescription antifungals may be tried if nonprescription medicines are not successful or if you have a severe infection.

For more on skincare treatments, read Simple Products for Beauty and Skincare: Part 3.

Simple tips for beautiful skin

Simple home treatments done consistently can help contribute to beautiful skin (image: Creative Commons)