Earlobes can develop a split over time from wearing heavy jewelry over time. The weight pulls down at the piercing, creating a large tear. Based on research studies, it is also quite possible for the  nickel  content in metal posts to irritate the skin worsen the damage.

Here is an example of a real life patient who experienced the formation of a split in her left earlobe. Although this occurrence may seem rather drastic and devastating, the good news is that damaged earlobes can be repaired through surgery.

An Overview of Torn Earlobe Repair

Fixing a torn earlobe can be achieved through a minor operation which is conducted at the doctor’s office. This requires refreshing the wound with a surgical blade.

The patient remains awake but does not feel pain due to the local anesthesia which is used. This can even be supplemented with oral pain medication as well if the individual is particularly sensitive.

The doctor then uses sutures to stitch the broken tissue back together. This is done in the front, the back and also with the tissue in between the skin.

Care is taken to restore the original shape of the earlobe.

Torn Earlobe Surgery Performed By Dr. U

Dr. U was able to successfully reconstruct this patient’s earlobe. Here are before and after images. The final results are shown six months following the procedure.

Split Earlobe Repair Surgery |Los Angeles Patient Results | Before and After Photos

Dr. U performed a successful split earlobe repair procedure on this patient. Here are before and after images.*


Torn Earlobe Repair | Los Angeles Patient | Before and After

Patient’s earlobes were torn due to wearing heavy earrings. But Dr. U was able to perform a reconstruction procedure to repair the damage*


Happy Split Earlobe Repair Patient | Los Angeles | Final Results

Patient is extremely happy with the final results of her split earlobe repair surgery.

This patient is extremely pleased with her outcome and has expressed the desire to start wearing earrings again. At the six month point, re piercing the earlobes is perfectly safe. Normally, individuals are asked to wait six to eight weeks.

Dr. U advises patients to avoid piercing the earlobes in the same spot and to also choose lighter weight earrings.  It is also best to choose pure metal posts like platinum, gold and silver.

To view this patient’s video, click here.