It is common for many people to feel that the shape of their nose could be improved. Thanks to a dermal filler known as Radiesse, it is now possible for individuals to refine the contour of their nose quickly, without the downtime and expense of surgery. A non-surgical nose job with this injection can be performed for cases where there is a bump, low nose bridge, droopy tip or crooked asymmetric shape. In cases where patients want a smaller nose, tissue needs to be removed. Therefore, conventional rhinoplasty is recommended.

This video shows an example of a patient who underwent a nose job without surgery. She wanted a straighter looking nose bridge and was not happy with her bump.

As she attests in the video, the quickness and ease of her overall experience was certainly a reality. Her operation only took about 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, there was slight bruising and swelling, which is a very common occurrence. This only lasted a few days. And the patient was able to hide the discoloration from her bruise by using makeup.

Unique Properties of Radiesse

Most dermal fillers consist solely of a gel-like substance. Therefore, they can only be used to fill soft tissue. Radiesse, however, has tiny and hard calcium micro-spheres within the gel matrix. These particles configure themselves to imitate hard or soft tissue environments. This is why Radiesse can be used for structural contouring of the face, including the cheeks, chin and nose.

Lastly, the changes from using Radiesse are immediately apparent.

Patient’s Improvement After Her Non-Surgical Nose Job

Here are various sets of side by side photos which compare the patient’s final results to the original appearance of her nose.

Nose Job Without Surgery | Los Angeles Patient's Results

Today, patients have the option of choosing treatments with dermal fillers to improve their nose contour without surgery*

Non Surgical Nose Job| View From Right Side of Face

Photos of patient’s outcome from her non-surgical nose job procedure, compared to the original appearance of her nose bridge.*


Getting Rid of Nose Bump Without Surgery| Radiesse Results

patient’s nose bridge seen from profile view featuring the left side of her face.*


Patient Talks About Her Non-Surgical Nose Job With Radiesse

In the video footage, the patient’s before and after images show a marked improvement in the trajectory of her nose bridge. And this created a profound difference in her overall appearance, particularly from the profile view.

Naturally, the patient’s father noticed, although the patient noted that her friends claimed that they did not.