People often gawk over babies as being angelic, flawless humans with a perfect little nose.  Babies are born with perfect skin and features. Their bones are not developed to have any sort of unwanted bump that affects one’s appearance. It is not until later in life, as the nose bridge takes shape,  that one begins to notice the deviations that will appear.  This can result either from genetics, or an accident of some sort that has left a bump on their body, or even face.

As the face begins to develop and form into its permanent disposition during the teenage years one may notice unique contours like downward curved bridge, droopy tip, dents, asymmetry, etc. Sometimes these are due to family or ethnic characteristics that are seen as something to embrace. Other people may feel strongly about correcting these types of issues.

Surgical Versus Non-Surgical Nose Job

For those who want to change their nose shape, it may be important to know that any unwanted bump on the nose may be smoothed out either through rhinoplasty, or by a non- surgical nose job that is offered by Dr. U.

This type of procedure uses a minimally invasive method to contour the nose back to an even, well-balanced look.  One does not have to worry about the invasiveness of scalpels since they are not used in this form of treatment.  So how is this possible?

The answer is simple. A non- surgical nose job can be performed using dermal fillers, such as Radiesse. This injectable is made of calcium based microspheres. It is a solution that offers structural support to improve that unwanted bump on the bridge of the nose. Does it really work?

Yes, in fact, the results can be quite amazing. And in fact it is minimally painful, if anything. The particles of the solution create a layer underneath the skin that can even out bumps. In a matter of minutes the nose is transformed.

The patient does not need to feel anxious about the procedure, or stay up the night before wondering how it will go.  While under local anesthesia, the individual can watch the entire procedure using a hand held mirror.  Patients can even inform Dr. Umar of last minute requests to achieve the best final outcome, during the actual treatment session.

There are great advantages to choosing this non-surgical nose job procedure. However those who want to reduce the actual size of their nose may have to undergo rhinoplasty.

Often people ask  if they are good candidates for a non-surgical nose job. Anyone who has a bump, or asymmetry on the bridge of the nose, droopy tip of the nose, and short looking noses can typically qualify.

Benefits of Using Filler For the Nose

Another question that is often asked, is why choose a non- surgical nose job? Many people appreciate the advantage of little to no downtime, the option to experiment with the final look during the procedure, and the lower cost benefit.

The main difference between rhinoplasty and a non-surgical nose job is that during rhinoplasty the nose is broken to be altered, whereas in a non-surgical nose job the nose is left in place.

Also, many people are turned off by the fact that after rhinoplasty one may be walking around with a couple of black eyes, which is not a desirable look.

Again, a non-surgical nose job offers a wonderful way to improve the shape of one’s nose through a quick and relatively easy procedure.  Although the results are not permanent, it may be ideal for anyone who does not feel emotionally or finally ready for traditional rhinoplasty.

Non surgical nose job with Radiesse

Radiesse was used to elevate the nose bridge of this patient for better placement of her glasses.*