The Perfecta Vbeam is the most effective vascular laser that can be used to treat redness that is caused by inflamed or broken blood vessels. Vbeam can eliminate redness that results from acne, remove small spider veins that appear on the face and body, and control the flushing of redness that are symptoms of rosacea. The Perfecta Vbeam is unique because it offers a combination of treatments for pigmentation, diffused redness and veins. It provides gentle heating of blood vessels with its micro-pulsed technology, which eliminates the risk of bruising.

Vbeam Perfecta treatments do not require any anesthesia or numbing due to its gentle nature and thus results in fast recovery and virtually no downtime. In addition, the Vbeam Perfecta is effective for treating pigmented lesions such as age spots and sun spots. Vascular conditions are greatly reduced in redness and the number of broken capillaries are completely eliminated in many cases. The Vbeam laser can also control the symptom of rosacea and advances of Vbeam Perfecta laser technology also allows for it to be used to treat leg veins.

The Vbeam laser is a powerful and effective vascular laser treatment that requires less treatment sessions and causes almost no bruising. It requires almost no downtime and patients can resume to their daily lives and routines right after the procedure. If you have unsightly discolorations on your skin due to redness from broken capillaries, dilated facial veins, acne, spider veins, age and sun spots, rosacea, and more, and would like to have redness and vein removal, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Umar in Los Angeles for a free consultation. Dr. Umar will give you a clearer and fresher skin with his expertise in performing redness and laser vein removal with the Vbeam laser. Please call the FineTouch Dermatology Clinic to set up an appointment with Dr. Sanusi Umar at (310)318-1500, or visit FineTouch Dermatology.