Belotero is a new soft tissue filler that was approved by the FDA in November 2011. However, it has been used successfully in Europe since 2005.

Because it is made of hyaluronic acid, it is very similar to Juvederm and Restylane. However it’s chemical structure has been refined through bioengineering. Other dermal fillers need to be injected quite deep.

However, Belotero can be injected superficially (i.e. closer to the skin’s surface). This is why it can treat fine lines more effectively than other fillers.

Prior to Belotero, hyaluronic acid injections needed to be injected deep into the skin. Because it is a clear filler, it is subject to the Tyndall effect. When light passes through it, the skin looks blue, like a bruise. This does not occur with Belotero.

Belotero Treats Fine Lines With More Natural Looking Results

Using too much filler creates what people refer to as a “pillow face.” This can happen when doctors are trying to add volume and get rid of fine lines.  Also attempting to remove stubborn lines has also led some patients to receiving excessive amounts of Botox. As you probably know, this causes people to look frozen and stiff.

Belotero addresses a lot of the challenges in using older types of fillers.  It can be used for fine crows feet lines, wrinkles around the lips and horizontal neck creases. However recommendations and effectiveness will vary for different patients.

Once it is under the skin, Belotero will distribute very evenly. This creates very natural looking continuity between treated and untreated areas.  For this reason, it is called, “The Smoother Solution.”

Belotero Treatments in Los Angeles

Belotero is now available at Fine Touch Dermatology for patients in the Los Angeles area

Treatment Belotero

Image courtesy of Belotero is the “smoother solution” among hyaluronic acid fillers. It is available for Los Angeles patients at Fine Touch Dermatology.