Liposuction is still the only way to remove unwanted bulges that stands the test of time. Permanent fat cell removal is the single most efficient way to rid yourself of unsightly contours.  Liposuction with Dr. Umar is fast, easy, affordable, and most importantly it is safe. Some doctors will try to convince you to undergo risky treatments that cut corners, but at Fine Touch Dermatology we are committed to the highest standards and ethics.

Small incisions are made to literally suck the fat out of your body. Patients are pleasantly surprised with how rewarding and natural the results of Los Angeles cosmetic surgery proves to be.  Liposculpture is an option as well, which allows for the patient’s needs to be met in other areas of their body as well. Fat deposits from the abdominal area, buttocks, claves, and thighs, can be injected elsewhere. Many patients undergo facial liposculture on their chins and neck. Even the jowl can be accentuated with fat relocation.

Zerona slimming, liposiddsolve, and meotherapy, are other Los Angeles cosmetic surgery options for those interested in liposuction. Pain is minimal and healing time is easy to deal with. Dr. Umar is a board certified dermatologist and his procedures are of the most minimally invasive and safe. All liposuction at Fine Touch Dermatology are performed by the doctor himself.  This way, your only concern is making sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle to heal correctly.  If you are interested in liposuction, call Fine Touch Dermatology today at (310) 318-1500. For more information, visit