Does Fraxel laser treatment tighten skin?

Having used both the Fraxel re:pair (ablative) and the Fraxel re:store (non ablative) in my practice, the re:pair has better skin tightening properties than the restore. Re:pair has a more involved downtime profile when compared to re:store and should only be used on lighter toned Caucasian skin types. Its results (re:pair) are however much more significant and it is a 1 time treatment only. Re:store gives modest results, requires a series of 3-4 treatment at 2-4 weeks interval. It is however used in most skin types with minimal downtime.

Advantage of Portrait over Fraxel Repair or Active FX?

I have used both the Fraxel re:Pair and Portrait in my practice. Portrait was presented as a non ablative resurfacing treatment although the recovery course may suggest otherwise. Fraxel re:pair is an ablative laser, although being fractionated CO2 its recovery course is shorter than the traditional non fractionated CO2. Overall, I have seen a better wrinkle reduction with the Fraxel re:pair than with plasma rejuvenation using Portrait. Age spot reduction is the same for both the portrait and Fraxel re:pair in my opinion.

Is Fraxel Repair Less Effective on Male Skin?

Fraxel Repair is effective on both males and females. Male skin is thicker, allowing it to be treated more aggressively. Additionally, there is often less recovery time.

Fraxel Repair After ArteFill?

It is possible to have Fraxel Repair after an Artefill. While the Artefill is injected deep, the level of penetration by the laser can be adjusted by the physician.

How Can I Treat Hyperpigmentation After Having a Fraxel Repair Treatment?

Fading creams with hydroquinone can improve the dark spots following any fraxel treatment. Fading creams incorporating hydroquinone and tretinoin would be even more effective.

Fraxel Repair While Peeling from Retin-A?

A Fraxel Repair treatment should not be done if still peeling from Retin-A. Retin-A should be discontinued about a week before having any Fraxel treatment.

Fraxel Repair on Surgical Scars?

Fraxel Repair and Restore can both be used to improve appearance of scars
Fraxel treatments on be used on scars to improve the appearance. A series of treatments will likely be needed. Fraxel Repair and Fraxel Restore can be used. Fraxel Repair is a more intensive treatment requiring more down time and recovery time. With Fraxel repair, the result can be seen after only 1 treatment. Fraxel restore requires several treatments to improve scars. Consult with your doctor to determine which treatment is best for your particular situation.

Is it safe to have Fraxel Re:pair done by a board-certified plastic surgeon who has only done it 9 times?

Fraxel Repair requires a doctor with experience and skilled in laser treatments
Fraxel Repair requires a skilled and experienced doctor, such as dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Choosing a good doctor with experience performing laser treatments will help to ensure quality results. Asking for before and after photos can help to gauge the skill of the doctor.

I am now four weeks post fraxel re:pair and I have tiny brown pigment spots forming on my cheeks. Is this normal?

Consult your doctor to make sure this normal… avoid sunlight, self tanners, and tanning booths in the mean time
Do you mean dark spots following fraxel repair treatment? If so, Consult your doctor to make sure this normal. Avoid sunlight, self tanners, and tanning booths, which can make the spots darker. A fading cream can hasten the dissipation of the dark spots. Fraxel repair on the other hand is very effective in treating age and sun spots. The result is immediate.

I had a cheek lift a year ago and i would like to get fraxel repair,but i am afraid of the two bars under the skin having a bad reaction to fraxel. Can I get Fraxel Repair after a cheek lift?

Yes, you can have Fraxel Repair after a cheek lift. It is important to follow pre and post treatment skin care guidelines.

Is there pain Involved and Possible over Scarring with Fraxel Repair/Restore?

Pain is minimal for most patients
The pain with Fraxel Restore dual is minimal to most patients. Fraxel restore is a bit more uncomfortable, but a numbing cream is used with the treatment makes it less so. When performed properly, Fraxel restore and fraxel restore dual treatments should not result in any scarring. Fraxel Repair requires more recovery time. During that time, more discomfort may be experienced. There is a small risk of scarring, but making sure to use a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon will help to ensure desired results.

Is Fraxel Safe?

Fraxel is safe when done by an experience dermatologist or plastic surgeon
Fraxel is safe when the treatment is done by an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The type of Fraxel used determines the amount of down time. Fraxel Restore dual (thulium based) and Fraxel restore (erbium-based) have less down time and recovery time than Fraxel Repair. It is important to consulting with a good physician to determine the best Fraxel treatment for you, based on your needs.

Can Fraxel treat undereye bags?

Fraxel lasers are useful for tightening the skin and treating mild forms of skin droopiness. However undereye bags are usually the result of degenerating muscle and fat tissue.  If this is the case, the bags would need a different type of intervention like surgery to remove the protrusions.

Can Fraxel be used for surgical scars?

Yes. Fraxel lasers work by applying specific levels of heat to the dermis layer. This induces the formation of healthy new collagen fibers which help fade the appearance of surgical scars.

Can Fraxel or carbon dioxide lasers be used for Steatocystoma Multiplex?

Yes. With both lasers, tiny vertical columns of light energy vaporize the skin in order to allow new cells to develop in place of the old tissue. As a result, the skin tone and texture improves. Carbon dioxide lasers are usually preferred over Fraxel lasers in the treatment of Steatocystoma because they are stronger and more aggressive.