Financing Procedures Through Cosmetic Surgery Loans

Do your research to see which cosmetic procedure loans will be compatible with the office of your dermatologist*

Many of the newest medical innovations in skin rejuvenation such as lasers and fillers are reasonably affordable as one time treatments. However, some patients may require a series of ongoing visits to their dermatologist to achieve the results they want. So it may be worth the time and effort needed to research the best options for financing these cosmetic procedures.
Financial plans for cosmetic treatments can be outlined in ways that are obscure and convoluted. So it is important to list out and structure your own criteria for considering these plans. Be sure to get a clear picture of what the interest rates are, how much you can afford in payments and how long it will take to pay off the loan.
Also some dermatologists and physicians may not accept the financing plan you choose due to the fees they would have to pay to your lender. So this of course would be another consideration to take into account.
General medical financing plans are unsecured loans. In other words, collateral is not required as security. Instead, interest rates are high, ranging from 5.66% to 27.99%. Getting approved requires good credit standing as well as minimal credit card debt (usually under $15,000). These general plans may or may not cover the cost of elective procedures. So you should also look into specialized cosmetic surgery finance companies and see which ones will work with your dermatologist.
Plastic Surgery recommends these companies for cosmetic surgery loans.

  1. American Benefit Credit
  2. Chase Health Advance
  3. Cosmetic Surgery Financing
  4. Health One Financial
  5. Surgery Loans
  6. Cosmetic Credit
  7. Med Choice Financial
  8. Care Credit
  9. Med Loan Finance
  10. My Medical Loan

Provided that your income is stable, the right plan can enable you to finance the procedures that you want to have done so that you can enjoy the results sooner as opposed to later. However, thoughtful consideration, foresight and research are key to making the best decisions.