Los Angeles Info- Water Bottles and Mouth Wrinkles

Why Water Is Good For Your Skin But Could Be Causing Wrinkles Around Your Mouth

Drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day is supposed to be a healthy habit. Our bodies lose water not just from excretion, but also from breathing and evaporation from the skin. Therefore, it is important to replenish lost fluids. Water is also supposed to help hydrate the skin and keep it looking moist and

Skin Treatments in Los Angeles

Can Gold Be Used As An Effective Treatment For Wrinkles

One of the most talked about trends in anti-aging is the use of gold as an ingredient in high end skin products. Here are a few examples: – Gratiae Gold Elements – Oro Gold 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum – Alpha-H Liquid Gold Anti-Aging Peel – Umo 24K Gold Facial – Gold Camilla Body Oil A

Los Angeles Patient Receives Dysport

Results of A New Study Which May Confirm Why Dysport Outperforms Botox

Getting rid of facial expression wrinkles through neuromuscular injections is a popular form of treatment among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The results are fast and reliable, unlike cosmetic creams, lotions, serums and facials where people simply hope for improvements. Botox was approved by the FDA in 2002 for cosmetic use in the treatment of wrinkles.

Smoking and Risks of Premature Aging| Skin Health

Skin Damage from Smoking

We all know the risks of smoking in terms of cancer, heart disease and raising your cholesterol and blood pressure, but it also wrecks havoc on your complexion. Not only does smoking dull your complexion, smokers are more prone to having wrinkles around the mouth and developing under-eye bags before non-smokers, reveals a recent study

Cellulite Affects Most Women

Getting Rid of Cellulite: Part 2

In “Getting Rid of Cellulite: Part 1,” we discussed some basics of cellulite. Many women suffer from cellulite at some point — about 90 percent. Cellulite also affects even the trimmest and fittest of women. In Part 2, we will further the basics of cellulite, as well as ways for getting rid of cellulite. Cellulite

Sun Exposure| Skin Aging

Fact & Fiction on Sun Damage, Part 2

Beauty and a youthful appearance are very important in Southern California. You most likely try to achieve or maintain both beauty and youthfulness with exercise, a healthy diet and skin care regimen with daily sunscreen application. Since glowing skin is a main component of appearance, you may tan at the beach or in tanning beds.

Sun Damage Can Lead to Age Spots

Fact & Fiction on Sun Damage, Part 1

It’s the middle of the summer in sunny Southern California and many of us are outside. Whether hiking, swimming, enjoying the beach or exercising outside, it is very important to monitor your exposure to sun damage. Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is once of the leading causes of premature aging and cause wreck havoc on

Youthful Eyes| Anti-aging tips and info

An Anti-Aging Regimen: Tips for Youthful Eyes, Part Four

Aging leads to skin becoming thinner and looking less radiant and youthful. The loss of elasticity and reduced collagen production leads to sagging and wrinkles. Volume loss is another main problem. In particular, the area around the eyes is especially susceptible to the signs of aging. For this reason, consulting with a dermatologist to decide

Sleep Quality Affects Skin's Appearance

Sleep Quality Impacts Skin Function and Aging

If you are like many Southern California residents, you strive to maintain a youthful appearance as you age with radiant skin. Your regimen most likely includes exercise, healthy eating habits and the daily application of sunscreen. However, signs of aging are sometimes not escapable. One of the biggest concerns for aesthetics is facial wrinkles. Not