Marilyn Monroe’s Chin Augmentation and When To Consider Non-Surgical Fillers

To this day, Marilyn Monroe is still considered a classic beauty icon. Her photogenic smile continues to captivate people, young and old. At the end of her teens, she had already started a successful career as a model prior to becoming a Hollywood legend. Marilyn had always been considered a natural beauty. But many people

Celebrities Drive the Number of Neck Lifts

The desire to create or maintain a more youthful appearance is widespread in Los Angeles. And beauty is no longer defined by just the face. Luckily, innovations in technology allows for an array of treatment option to address specifics with both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. There has also been increased demand for neck lifts, which

Augmented Lips With Juvederm| Before and After

A Potential New Juvéderm Treatment Product

Juvéderm is one of the most popular injectable gel fillers with proven efficacy to temporarily plump skin’s volume and smooth wrinkles. This bacterial hyaluronic acid is cross-linked during the manufacturing process to turn the liquid formulation into gel for injection purposes. Results from Juvéderm treatments typically last six months to one year. With Juvéderm Ultra