Many people wish they could change a little something about their body, face, or even both. In the past, it was not like it is nowadays with readily available treatments that can perk up one’s look in a matter of minutes with Belotero.

In fact, it was not until 2011 to be exact that the FDA approved a service that is known as Belotero. What is this? Many may wonder.

laugh lines treated with Radiesse| facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers

Los Angeles patient who received Radiesse to fill the laugh lines around her mouth*


Similar to Botox it helps to even out unwanted wrinkles in the face. It is a hyaluronic acid filler that is available in three product variations.

Some people may have heard of Juvederm and Restlylane, and if you have not Belotero is in the same family. The only difference between these three acid fillers is how they have been processed.

The hyaluronic acid molecules in Belotero have been processed differently through the use of proprietary technology. It basically means that the properties of the molecules have been created uniquely that offer different results. In addition, the dermatologists are able to inject this acid filler close to the skin’s surface.

Now, when comparing Belotero to Juvederm and Restlyane, which are also classified as dermal fillers, the difference is that both Juvederm and Restlyane need to be injected deep into the skin. That is the main difference. For some people this is not the best option, whereas for others it is the best option.

Specific dermal fillers are used for certain skin conditions, and individuals. One thing to note is that if Juvederm and Restlyane are not injected deep enough into the skin it could result in a Tyndall effect. What is a Tyndall effect?

A Tyndall effect looks similar to a bruise that will appear on the surface of the skin. Therefore, for those who do not want to run the risk of having a bruised face instead of a glowing one, Belotero is a service that is offered at Fine Touch Dermatology.

Belotero is the first dermal filler that can be injected appropriately where no bruise like discolorations will occur on the face.

At Fine Touch Dermatology Dr. Umar treats various patients who are concerned about their wrinkles, especially frown lines. Often women tend to become self-conscious of any type of lines that form in the face in result of excessive smiling.

There is no need to stop smiling, or expressing happiness through laughter. Just make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Umar to learn more about how lines in the face can be treated.

Belotero has addressed patients’ concern of vertical smile lines that develop in the cheek. Since, Belotero does not cause any sort of bruise discoloration, or lumps beneath the skin, patients are now able to smooth various regions of the face.

That may be one main concern for many patients, but it does not stop there. Belotero also addresses horizontal neck lines as well.

Some patients do not want to use one of the most commonly used wrinkle treatment known as Botox. Now, patients have a choice to treat very fine and shallow wrinkles.