Most people consider acne to be a problem faced by adolescents and teenagers. While the condition is most common at this age, it is a misconception that embarrassing breakouts automatically stop for everyone entering adulthood. Acne continues to affect many people well past their teen years. So what is the best acne treatment for adults? Are the breakouts still hormonal at 30, 40, and even 50 years of age? What else contributes to a lifetime of these stubborn eruptions?

Causes of Adult Acne

The number one cause of acne in adults is a substance produced by the sebaceous glands called sebum. This oily secretion clogs the pores of the skin, which causes a build-up of bacteria. Inflammation follows, and the result is a pimple.

Hormones can also continue to be a major contributor to acne breakouts throughout life. Overproduction of androgens, or hypersensitivity to androgens, can trigger acne for men. Hormonal imbalances that occur when a woman is pregnant, perimenopausal, and menopausal can also bring bouts of acne in women.

Best Acne Treatment for Adults

Finding an effective acne treatment for adults is important, as appearance has a great impact on our self-confidence, and can thereby influence our social and professional lives. Dr. Jonette Keri, an MD-PhD certified in dermatology, relayed to WebMD magazine “that nearly 30% of women and 20% of men ages 20 to 60 (and beyond) are troubled by breakouts.”

Acne treatment for adults is usually complicated, since a lot of the products out there are tailored to aggressively ward off the oil-slick t-zone in teenagers. Adults tend to have drier skin, even if sebum is the cause of the breakouts. Thus, a gentle, yet effective approach is needed in order to fight the pimples while maintaining skin hydration. Dr. Keri says that finding the right treatment may take some trial and error.

Recommended treatments include:

  • -A mild cleanser like Cetaphil
  • -Store-bought products that contain retinol to clear pores and fight wrinkles at the same time
  • -Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide for spot treatment or to combat a large breakout
  • -Prescription antibiotics like tetracycline
  • -Oral contraceptives for women
  • -Laser technology and light therapy
Acne in Adulthood

Acne treatments are still relevant for many adults due to their physiology