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Laser Tattoo Removal: Before and After Photos of Tattoo Removal

This patient had laser tattoo removal for tattoo removal on her lower abdomen. She underwent four treatments of laser tattoo removal using the Nd-YAG laser. Complete tattoo ink removal required four Nd-YAG laser treatments at FineTouch Dermatology with Dr. Umar. LASER TATTOO REMOVAL WITH ND-YAG LASER The most common form of tattoo removal is with lasers, […]

How Eyelash Hair Transplant Results Can Save Time and Money

Many advertisements for mascaras claim to help make lashes look longer.  Realistically, what happens is that the formulation is able to coat the thin ends of the eyelash hairs that is normally not visible to the naked eye. And this can create the appearance of longer lengths. However, the effect of cosmetics is limited if […]

FUE uGraft Facilitates Eyebrow Transplant Using 300 Leg Donors

Naturally thin eyebrows made this patient feel self-conscious about his appearance; especially with his recognition that eyebrows are a major factor in the design and aesthetics of a person’s face. “I really like how prominent eyebrows frame the face and give a more youthful look,” he said. His consciousness of how sparse they were only […]

Full Eyebrows Created with FUE Eyebrow Hair Transplant

This patient was just like most other women in their 40’s and 50’s–beginning to see a noticeable amount of eyebrow thinning. While over-tweezing for many years was one factor in the cause, a perhaps greater factor was aging. Hormonal fluxes that lead to general hair loss is a result of growing older. She first attempted […]

Asian Nose Bridge Enhanced Through Non-Surgical Nose Job with Radiesse

This patient has to wear glasses for her job, but she was facing a problem–the flatness and shortness of her nasal bridge caused them to constantly slide down. She needed to correct this nuisance, but wanted to avoid rhinoplasty or any other kind of surgery. She wanted to find a simple procedure that would not […]

Botox Patient Switches to Belotero Injections to Treat Crow’s Feet

This patient was a routine user of Botox injections to treat the fine lines around his eyes called crow’s feet. However, he recently made the switch to Belotero injections instead. He decided to steer away from his usual use of neurotoxin treatments like Botox and Dysport. And he did not want laser rejuvenation. Thus, a […]

Belotero Procedure – Before and After Frown Line and Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

This patient at Fine Touch Dermatology had faint lines on her forehead and in between her brows. These wrinkles are caused by facial muscles. Initially they are seen when the individual is moving their forehead or furrowing their brows. Over time, repeat movements can cause these wrinkles to become ingrained on the skin’s surface. The patient […]

Los Angeles Leg Vein Removal – Before and After

Leg veins become visible as a result of dysfunctional valves within the blood vessels. These valves help the blood move in a single direction back up to the heart after they have delivered oxygen to cells in the body.  But they can become weak due to factors like genetics or ongoing pressure.  This causes blood […]

Split Earlobe Repair Results For Los Angeles Patient

Split earlobes are a common issue that occurs in those who have their ears pierced. The initial hole becomes elongated when heavy earrings pull them downward. However the reason why earlobes actually split have been somewhat of a mystery. This is because there are women in other countries who wear heavy gold earrings and end up […]

Los Angeles Dermatosa Papulosa Nigra Patient Before and After Procedure

This Los Angeles patient wanted to get rid of Dermatosa Papulosa Nigra moles on her face.   Dr. Umar treated her with a light form of electrocautery. Here images of her results:   Here are before and after images of her procedure:   As you can see the procedure was successful in clearing away the unwanted […]

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