Chin Augmentation Procedure

More people want to achieve the beauty standard of a chin that is balanced with the nose. Chin augmentation procedures can help achieve this*

Earlier this year the American Society for Plastic Surgery reported that the fastest growing cosmetic procedure of 2011 was chin augmentation. 20,680 chin augmentation surgeries were performed last year. This is a 71% increase from the year prior.

Due to this report, media sites such as Los Angeles Times , ABC News and Huffington Post drew attention to this subject.  Naturally, people are probably wondering why the chin is a cause for concern.

The prevalence of the digital culture is one of the reasons individuals are interested in chin augmentation procedures. This includes: social media sites, online video, video chats on Skype, You Tube and corporate video conferencing.

People see how they look at different angles.  And this can cause feelings of self consciousness when they see themselves from the profile angle.

A well balanced chin with a fairly long jaw line is seen as attractive. Examples of female celebrities who have this include Angelina Jolie and Hallie Berry.  Male celebrities include the likes of Robert Pattison and Jude Law.

Weak or receding chins are considered to be less attractive. Chin augmentation procedures can help correct this appearance.

There are basically two types:

  1. Surgical chin implants
  2. Non surgical chin augmentation

Surgery and Chin Augmentation

A chin implant is surgically inserted through an incision below the tongue.  These implants are customized to help balance out the patient’s facial proportions.  It is believed that Lady Gaga and Bristol Palin both underwent chin augmentation procedures. Of course, implants are a permanent fixture. So the shape and size needs to be carefully assessed.  If it is too big or too prominent, it will have a harsh looking, or negative effect on the patient’s appearance.

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation

Surgery is a big step. Not everyone is financially or emotionally ready for a permanent implant. For these individuals, non surgical chin enhancement procedures can be a good option.

This involves the injection of Radiesse into the chin. And sometimes additional injections along the jaw are needed to balance out the face.

Since Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, it can provide the firmness that is needed for the chin.  In fact, Radiesse can also be used to refine the shape of the nose bridge.

During the chin augmentation procedure,  the patient is fully awake.  He or she is able to direct the doctor on how much to inject and what shape they want. The doctor manually creates the desired form.  And in the following few months, collagen fibers will develop over the scaffold created by the calcium particles under the skin.

Radiesse will last about 12-18 months. It is a good way to try out different shapes and sizes before committing to an actual procedure. Some patients may only choose non-surgical chin augmentation.  Doctors can adjust and modify the injections to meet the needs of the face, as it will inevitably change with time.