Acne treatment products are often endorsed by celebrities. But are their results and experiences relevant for your needs?

Katy Perry’s Acne Results with Proactive

Although Katy Perry is always seen with clear, flawless looking skin, she has battled with acne and now promotes Proactiv. Her story is obviously very compelling to young fans who are trying to get rid of their own acne issues. But one of the keys to knowing whether reliable outcomes  are likely to happen is look at the ingredients.

The active ingredient of Proactiv is benzoyl peroxide .

It is a very common ingredient in many types of medications for acne. Brand names include:

  • Acne Treatment Cream
  • Oxy-10
  • Panoxyl
  • Zeroxin

A celebrity may say they’ve had a great experience with an acne treatment. But this does not mean that their results will happen for everyone.

The Acne Treatment Results of Jessica Simpson and James Marshall In Using Accutane

Many people know that Jessica Simpson used Accutane, an oral retinoid available by prescription. She also talked about her experience on a Los Angeles radio station several years ago.

However, there are also many people who suffered from severe complications with the prescription drug. This includes actor, James Marshall. The medication caused gastrointestinal issues.  And he had to have his colon removed. This prompted him to initiate a lawsuit against the manufacturers, Roche.The results of his acne treatment with Accutane were quite different from Jessica Simpson’s.

Accutane has been pulled from markets in the United States and several other countries, due to profit loss and patient claims of suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Roche has since made a different version of the drug available under the name Roaccutane.

Both products are forms of isotretinoin. Like benzoyl peroxide, isotretinoin exists under different brand names such as:

  • Accure
  • Sotret
  • Claravis

Just because Accutane has been discontinued, does not mean that patients are completely safe from the risks of isotretinoin.

The results of an acne intervention should be questioned. Patients should not only educate themselves on possible side effects and risks, but they should also understand how treatments work on a very basic level.

Lasers As An Alternative to Acne Medicine and Cleansers

In addition to chemical based treatments, other options are available such as laser procedures. For example, the Spectra laser system is safer than oral retinoids. Also it accomplishes the same objectives as many forms of acne medications. This includes:

  1. Killing bacteria and preventing inflammation
  2. Lowering oil secretion. This is done by burning away the outer layer of hair follicles and sebaceous glands.
Choosing Celebrity Acne Products versus Dermatology Laser Solutions

Los Angeles patient and her acne treatment results using Spectra and Fraxel Dual.*







By asking the right questions, patients are in a better position to choose the best acne treatment and enjoying their results.