Video-based dermatology education tools improve skin health awareness in men, according to study findings published in the April issue of JAMA Dermatology. Researchers from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, revealed in a recent study the importance of male video-based dermatology education. Videos targeting men not only improved men’s skin health understanding of potential issues, they also increased attendance at whole-body clinical skin examinations.

The randomized clinical trial of men ages 50 or older assessed attendance at and clinical outcomes of clinical skin exams. The findings disclosed that older male patients who were exposed to video-based behavioral interventions had a better understanding of dermatology and men’s skin health awareness.

Participants were randomized to receive either a video-based intervention or brochures only, with an overall response rate of 37.1 percent. Seven months later, participants were interviewed at baseline. “Baseline attitudes, behaviors and skin cancer history were associated with higher odds of CSE (clinical skin exams) and skin cancer diagnosis,” study authors say. “A video-based intervention may increase whole-body CSE and skin cancer diagnosis in older men.”


Men who received dermatology video materials were more likely to be concerned about skin health issues, with 62.1 percent self-reporting a clinical skin exam and 59.4 percent consenting for their doctor to provide medical information. They were also more inclined have a whole-body skin exam than those in the control group who didn’t receive dermatology videos (35.3 versus 27.2 percent).

Due to the increased awareness and exams, clinicians diagnosed two melanomas, 29 squamous cell carcinomas and 38 basal cell carcinomas. There was also higher proportion of malignant lesions in the intervention group than in the control group (60 versus 40 percent). Education on self-detection and regular dermatology checkups is vital to decrease late detection of melanoma, the study reveals.

Dr. Umar of FineTouch Dermatology echoes the importance of video education that also targets men. While many dermatologists and plastic surgeons target mostly women, men still need marketing and educational information that deals specifically with male skin issues and concerns.

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Before and after photos track the cosmetic results of past procedures and are an important tool for men’s skin health. They give also give examples of typical before and after results, as well as difficult cases. This male patient was treated for rosacea.*


Dr. Umar makes it a point to also educate men with numerous dermatology videos featuring male patients. Additionally, skin care awareness for men improves melanoma early detection and increases regular skin checkups with a dermatologist concerning potential skin issues. Videos on male facial rejuvenation also improve overall skin health.

Skin evaluation by a dermatologist allows a definite determination of birthmark type or skin irregularity and if it needs monitoring or treatment. However, moles should be checked regularly for changes in size, color or texture due to the possibility of a sign of skin cancer. In addition to skin health issues, a Los Angeles dermatologist is an excellent resource for cosmetic improvements and treatments.

Dermatologists address acne, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, facial symmetry and an array of skin conditions. Innovations in dermatology also offer numerous options for men with either surgical or nonsurgical treatments. The key is finding a Los Angeles dermatologist with expertise, artistry and skill. It’s also important to consult one with desired specialties for certain skin improvements and conditions.

Prospective patients should look at photos of other patients the surgeon or dermatologist has worked on. These give an accurate description of the “starting point” of the male facial rejuvenation or other treatment. Before and after photos track the cosmetic results of past procedures. They give also give examples of typical before and after results, as well as difficult cases.

Dermatology videos are another beneficial tool to consider when choosing a dermatologist and which laser treatment, facial rejuvenation or cosmetic enhancement is ideal. Like photos, they demonstrate results. Videos are also helpful in explaining steps of a treatment and the different phases of a procedure.

Dr. Umar is a board certified dermatologist and surgical dermatologist who is an expert in skin rejuvenation and follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants. He is also a faculty member at the Harbor University of California, Los Angeles Dermatology department. Additionally, Dr. Umar is highly focused on research and teaches others in the field about FUE.

Dr. Umar offers consultations and treatment options for numerous skin conditions. He has an array of patient photos and dermatology videos that demonstrate his expertise and artistry to give potential patients a better idea of his services.

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