Poikiloderma Treatment in Los Angeles

Poikiloderma is a condition of the skin  that has the following characteristics.

It tends to be seen on the cheeks, neck or chest. Sometimes the affected areas can feel itchy. Patients may also experience slight burning. Poikiloderma is considered by many experts “to be a reaction pattern of the skin and not a disease,” according to Webmd. Fortunately there are no health risks associated with Poikiloderma. Patients in Los Angeles who have the condition seek treatment because they are mostly concerned with the cosmetic appearance of their skin.

What Causes Poikiloderma?

Poikiloderma seems to be caused by a combination of different factors. Research suggests that it is linked to excessive exposure to UV rays. In warm coastal areas like Los Angeles, many people embrace the lifestyle of sunbathing in order to achieve a golden glow. Years later, they become eager to pursue treatment options to correct Poikiloderma and other manifestations of sun damage to the skin.

Patients with Poikiloderma are likely to be genetically predisposed to the reaction pattern. They are also likely to have a family history related to this condition, which commonly occurs in individuals with fair skin.

Poikiloderma occurs most frequently in middle aged and elderly women who are either in menopause or post menopausal stages. This suggests that Poikiloderma is related to hormonal changes that are correlated with age.

Some studies also suggest that chemicals in cosmetics and perfumes can have a photosensitizing effect that facilitates the aging process in the skin when it is exposed to the sun..

Treatment of Poikiloderma

Cosmetic lasers offer promising solutions for the correction of many types of skin issues. This is because the light energy can work beyond the skin’s surface to modulate skin structures with a high degree of precision.

Every laser system relies on a single wavelength to achieve a specific objective. The Vbeam laser uses the 595nm wavelength which is absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. From this point of entrance, the laser energy is able to seal off blood vessels so that the body can eliminate this non-functional tissue from the skin’s surface.  This is ideal for clearing unwanted redness and telangiactasia.

Poikiloderma Treatment for Los Angeles Patient

This patient from Los Angeles was an ideal candidate for the treatment of Poikiloderma with the Vbeam laser. She displayed the classic symptoms of Poikiloderma which included atrophy of the skin and reddish brown discoloration on the neck and chest. The Vbeam laser was able to offer a substantial level of improvement that is quite apparent in the pictures on the right side depicting her skin after the procedure.

Los Angeles patient before and after poikiloderma treatment

Los Angeles patient before and after poikiloderma treatment

Fraxel Laser For the Treatment of Poikiloderma

According to Emedicine.medscape.com, fractional photothermolysis has also shown to be quite effective in addressing the symptoms of Poikiloderma. The laser energy is used to break up and clear pigmentation from the surface. And it also promotes the synthesis of new collagen fibers to enhance the firmness of the skin.

Poikiloderma Treatment Options in Los Angeles

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to explore Poikiloderma treatment options, speak with a board certified dermatologist to discuss the best options.

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