Brandi Glanville is one of the newer members of the Beverly Hills Housewives.

According to Huffington Post, she has been very candid about discussing various cosmetic procedures that she has undergone. It seems that the Los Angeles reality star seems to favor minimally invasive fillers for use on the face.  She is not alone. This is certainly consistent with the attitudes of many other patients across the nation.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 8.5 million procedures were performed last year in 2012. These were done with minimally invasive methods. Eighty three percent were performed non-surgically.

Brandi openly talked about undergoing  bi-yearly injections of Botox and fillers for her acne scars and cheek hollows. And many of her fans learned about liquid nose jobs when she discussed this topic with Life and Style magazine.

In her interview, she says that she has to maintain the results on a regular basis.  She also mentions that she broke her nose back in 2009. Therefore, the use of fillers helps to correct the contour.

Besides the term, liquid nose job, the non-surgical injection procedure is also referred to as:

– knifeless nose job

– fifteen minute nose job

How A Non-Surgical Nose Job Can Be Performed With Radiesse

Brandi did not specify which filler she uses, but one of the available options is Radiesse, which is offered here at Fine Touch Dermatology.  As opposed to being used exclusively a soft tissue filler, Radiesse mimics different tissue environments. It can conform to softer areas of the face as well as firmer ones.

The injectable is a suspension made of calcium hydroxyapatite micro-spheres. The explanation of how Radiesse works is that its particles can group together into a tight, concentrated mass or a more diffuse matrix structure. The physician usually helps the process along by manually shaping and massaging the gel into the desired results.

Why Would Fillers Be Chosen Over Surgery To Refine The Shape Of The Nose?

A non surgical nose job can usually be done in well under thirty minutes. Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, there is no downtime. Therefore patients can go back to work or their usual social engagements immediately afterwards.

These procedures are not a complete substitute for rhinoplasty. They produce the effect of adding tissue, rather than subtracting it. Therefore fillers would not be suitable for a patient who wants to slim down their nose, or make it smaller.

Instead, it is used for objectives like:

(1) camouflaging a bump for a smoother looking nose bridge

(2) reshaping a droopy tip

(3) correcting the results of surgical rhinoplasty where too much of the nose was reduced

How Dr. Umar Was Able to Elevate And Refine a Nasal Bridge With Radiesse

This patient at Fine Touch Dermatology did not want a drastic change in the appearance of her nose. Instead she wanted to elevate her nasal bridge so that it could better support her glasses.

Dr. Umar used Radiesse to achieve this objective and create an extremely natural looking outcome.

For more information about improving the shape of the nose with fillers, click here.

Housewives of Beverly Hills | Cosmetic Surgery

(Creative Commons) Cast members of the popular reality show, The Housewives of Beverly Hills are often scrutinized for signs of cosmetic surgery, including non-surgical nose jobs, cheek fillers, lip augmentation and more.*