With the economy being as slow as it is, most of us would imagine that people are holding onto their money in basically all areas of spending. What may be a surprising fact is that laser tattoo removal procedures have increased by 32% in the last year, according to a site called The Patient’s Guide

Getting a tattoo is initially an exciting and daring experience. People usually get them out of a strong need for self expression. However, they carry a negative stigma in society that is commonly associated with rebellion and aggression.  The Los Angeles Fire and Sheriff’s Departments don’t allow visible tattoos as well as many companies in general.

The job seekers who are most interested in undergoing laser procedures for tattoo removal are recent college grads who are entering the real world and have regretted getting their inked designs.

“young employees… realize that in today’s precarious job market, they don’t want to give an employer any reason to reject them.”- Forbes.com

According to Career Builder, tattoos may limit a candidate’s career potential by about 31%.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal*

Although it is possible to hide tattoos with clothing, those who seek laser treatment for professional reasons,  usually request to get rid of the the tattoos on areas of the body like the neck, wrists and hands.

Laser tattoo removal procedures usually cost around $200 per session. Each treatment needs to be scheduled about 6 weeks apart because it takes time for the body to remove the shattered ink pigment. Spending $200 every month and a half on laser treatments is now seen as a necessary investment for one’s future.

Overall, cosmetic procedures below $1000 are also on the rise in this economic climate. People are interested in enhancing their appearance as a way to improve their lives.

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