Finding the ideal wrinkle treatment and anti-aging skin care regimen for your skin may be rather confusing. While there are many treatments and cosmetic procedures available, one of the best precursors to wrinkle treatment is sun damage prevention. Another main component of avoiding wrinkles is a proper skin care regimen. A dermatologist can explain the dynamics of wrinkle treatment, explain how to avoid sun damage, suggest the proper skin care regimen, and also perform laser skin rejuvenation and cosmetic injectables procedures. Since approximately 90 percent of wrinkles stem from sun exposure, anti-aging skin care should begin early. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a main culprit for causing skin wrinkles. It is the invisible radiation present in sun’s rays, as well as other manmade products such as tanning beds.


Wrinkle treatment procedures are one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments today. Not only do wrinkles contribute to showing signs of aging, they also affect our self-esteem and wreck havoc on a youthful, radiant appearance.*

Similar to the process of aging, UV light contributes to the appearance of age spots, loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles. Chronic exposure also contributes to premature aging that includes skin texture with a leather-like appearance, deep wrinkles and crow’s feet. Another important factor to consider is that UV ray exposure may lead to skin cancer and cataracts.


Anti-aging skin care means different things at different ages. While sunscreen and proper skin cleansing should be adhered to since birth, teenagers need to go beyond sunscreen. A teenage skin care regimen should include products with retinoids for treating acne with and Vitamin A products for unclogging pores and smoothing skin. Sun damage prevention and protection from UV light since childhood can prevent the adverse affects from exposure and need for extensive wrinkle treatment. Anti-aging skin care includesapplying SPF 30+ sunscreen daily to the face and areas of the body exposed to sun. If you are sweating excessively, exposed to water or in continuous direct sunlight,you will also need to reapply sunscreen every two hours. Other anti-aging skin care tactics include wearing a hat, wearing sunglasses, avoiding direct sunlight for more than two hours, seeking shade often and wearing protective clothing whenever possible.


Anti-aging skin care and prevention should start in your early twenties. In addition to choosing the right wrinkle treatment and crow’s feet treatment products, washing your face nightly is a necessity for proper skin care. Sleeping with makeup on can block pores and leave oil trapped inside, which leads to bacteria buildup and may contribute to breakouts. If your anti-aging skin care regimen and eye cream products are ineffective on your crow’s feet, consider a cosmetic injectables wrinkle treatment. Botox or Dysport for crow’s feet treatment is injected into the skin around the eyes in small doses. The formulations prevent and eradicate wrinkles due to the inhibition of acetylcholine, which blocks the neurotransmission of muscle contraction, and the temporary result is either weakening or paralyzing certain muscles. Botox and Dysport eradicate wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes for approximately three to four months. The crow’s feet treatment is also an effective wrinkle treatment that smooths glabellar frown lines between the eyebrows and eliminate crow’s feet surrounding the eyes. These injections are also becoming a popular anti-aging regimen to slow the appearance of wrinkles in the future. To get advice on an anti-aging skin care regimen and discuss wrinkle treatment options, contact FineTouch Dermatology for a consultation. For more information on Botox and Dysport for crow’s feet, read