What is the V beam laser used for?

The V-beam laser specializes in clearing vascular issues causing redness that appears on the skin’s surface. These include: Rosacea, Port Wine stain birthmarks, redness flush and irritation resulting from acne, diffuse redness, facial and leg veins, poikiloderma, hemangiomas, angiomas
This laser can also treat psoriasis, warts and venous lakes. The affected tissues of these disorders are supported by blood vessels. So removing these blood vessels will help clear the symptoms.

How does the Vbeam laser work?

In short, the V-beam laser selectively targets problematic blood vessels and works to have them eliminated by the body’s own natural system.
Keep in mind that every laser uses a different wavelength and these different wavelengths achieve different effects.  And different lasers are also absorbed by different chemical targets. This absorption process is needed as an entrance point for the laser light to enter the body. For example, some lasers are absorbed by melanin.
The V-beam uses wavelengths between 585-595nm. This laser is absorbed by the red color of oxygenated hemoglobin.  Once it is inside the blood vessels, it turns into heat energy which causes the blood vessels to coagulate into non-functional tissue, which is then absorbed by the body as waste.

How does the Vbeam laser treat psoriasis?

Although psoriasis is essentially an immune disorder, eliminating blood vessels  that support the development of the skin plaques can help clear the symptoms.

How does the Vbeam laser treat warts?

The laser eliminates the blood vessels that support the tissue of the warts.

Can the Vbeam laser be used to improve skin texture?

Skin texture enhancements are really more of a secondary effect achieved with the V-beam laser.  And results differ from patient to patient. Although blood vessels are targeted, the light from the laser heats up the dermis below the surface. The skin reacts to this as an injury and produces more collagen in an attempt to heal itself. These new collagen structures improve the texture of the skin.
If your goal is to achieve smoother, younger looking skin, lasers that are specialized for this purpose should be used.

How many Vbeam treatments are needed to clear away facial redness?

Usually 2-4 treatments are needed to see improvements. And 4-6 treatments are needed to see complete results. This of course depends on the severity of the condition.

Do Vbeam treatments hurt?

The Vbeam is a pulsed dye laser, where the laser is administered in short or long pulse durations. When the laser contacts the skin, it feels similar to a snapping rubber band.