What Causes Split Earlobes?

There are different factors that can result in split earlobes. These include: weight from the earring, accidents where the earlobe is pulled, irritations caused by the metal used in the post. There is some research which suggests that the type of metal used plays more of a role than the weight of the jewelry. Therefore, it is important to choose gold or platinum posts.

How can a split earlobe be repaired?

A split earlobe can be repaired through a simple surgical procedure commonly known as “split earlobe repair.” First the edges of the split will need to be refreshed as the doctor cuts down the split. The edges are then sutured together to reshape the ear lobe.

How long does a split earlobe procedure take?

A split earlobe procedure will take approximately one to two hours

Does a split earlobe procedure hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is slightly different. So there may be some minor discomfort. However, we use local anesthesia to minimize the pain

Are patients normally awake during the procedure?

Yes, with the local anesthesia, you are able to remain awake during your split earlobe repair procedure.

When can I get my stitches out after the procedure?

The stitches will need to remain in place for about one week after your first visit. You will then need to come back to our office to have them removed

Can I get my ears pierced again after my split earlobe procedure?

Yes. You may repierce your ears after your procedure. But it is important that you wait at least six to eight weeks

Will my split earlobes come back?

Yes, patients need to be aware that recurrences in split earlobes are actually very common. So it will be quite important to change your earring wearing habits. Choose studs and smaller pieces to wear. And make sure that the posts are made of gold or platinum. Research has been done on the causes of split earlobes. And based on the findings, it seems that the metal content plays a much bigger factor than most people think