The Lutronic VRM III Spectra laser is an award-winning Q-switched Nd: YAG system designed to treat a wide variety of dermatological and aesthetic conditions such as dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions, multicolor tattoo removal, melasma, and active acne. It can also perform laser toning and non-ablative photo-acoustic skin rejuvenation techniques.

1. Tattoo removal of all types and all skin type: Lutronic has developed an innovative way to assist physicians in effectively treating colorful tattoos while causing minimal discomfort. The 4 wavelength option offered by the VRM III laser enables treatment of a wide range of colors and skin types. The laser’s flat-top beam profile provides increased patient comfort and reduced pinpoint bleeding, resulting in fewer side effects and faster healing rates. In addition to the top-hat beam profile, its high peak power and short pulse duration combine to significantly lighten or completely remove tattoos without harming any surrounding healthy cells. When particles of tattoo ink take in the laser light, they are broken into tiny fragments, which are then absorbed through the body’s natural cleansing process.


2. Removal of all pigmented lesions, such as melasma, nevus, sun and age spots for all skin types: Certain commonly acquired pigmented lesion disorders have been difficult to treat in the past with lasers and other light sources that target melanin. Spectra Laser Toning is highly safe and effective in the treatment of the symptoms melasma and colasma.

3. Laser toning for all skin types: Spectra Laser toning utilizes energy at 1064 nm, and is a safe, gentle and effective treatment that is ideal for some types of easily-irritated pigmented lesions of the skin. Physicians report excellent success rates with the Spectra laser system.

4. Laser Peel: Spectra Laser Peel is a powerful, controllable yet gentle protocol that allows complete clinical management of the skin resurfacing process for a wide range of indications and skin types.

The Lutronic VRM III Spectra laser provides overall laser rejuvenation for all skin types and can eliminate age spots, wrinkles, and shrink of enlarged pores. This laser is a more advanced approach compared to chemical peels. Therefore, why bother with outdated chemical peels when you can have a quick (lunch time), painless, better controlled and more predictable, downtime-free peeling with the latest technologic leap created by Lutronic which can be performed on ALL SKIN TYPES?  Skin rejuvenation with the Spectra Laser is fast and painless, leaving the patient with a beautiful glow as a result.