Leg Vein Removal

leg vein removalIn 2002, Dr. Umar and colleagues published a study in the premier journal of dermatology (Dermatologic Surgery) comparing the 3 different laser categories generally used for leg vein removal. Regardless of the name given to the laser by the manufacturer, leg vein treatment lasers fall into one of the following 3 categories:

  1. 1064nm (Nd YAG)
  2. 810 (Diode) and
  3. 755nm (Alexandrite).

The study by Dr. Umar and his collegues found that the Nd Yag (1064nm) laser was significantly superior to the others. [Blackwell Synergy – Dermatol Surg, Volume 28 Issue 3 Page 224-230, March 2002 (Article Abstract)]

Dr. Umar employs the latest time-tested version of the long-pulsed Nd YAG (1064) laser – GENTLE YAG by Candela, for effective leg vein removal regardless of skin type. Dr. Umar also performs Sclerotherapy (injections) for the treatment of larger leg veins using only FDA-approved sclerosants.

Dr. U Discusses Laser For  Removing Leg Veins

In this video, Dr. U talks about the use of laser for removing unwanted veins on the legs.

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