Treatment for Jowls in Los Angeles

Los Angeles patient with jowls who was treated by Radiesse to remove them

Los Angeles patient with jowls who was treated by Radiesse to remove them

Jowls are sagging skin that hangs down from the jaw line on the face.  The age of onset is usually governed by genetics. But typically they tend to form when people are in their fifties.

What Causes Jowls To Form?

Sun Damage and Tissue Changes

The attachments between the skin and the muscle start to deteriorate with age. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sun damage leads to the formation of jowls by causing the skin to lose its elasticity. The fat in the upper cheeks also shrinks, providing less support as gravity pulls the facial tissue downwards. This effect is exacerbated by the loss of volume in the bones and muscles.

However, proper sun protection minimizes the chance of developing jowls.

The Effect of Smoking

The American Academy of Dermatology also points out the link between smoking and the formation of jowls. Those who smoke around ten cigarettes per day (or more) for ten years will develop jowls faster than people who don’t smoke.

A 2002 research study analyzed the skin of smokers in their twenties. Compared to their non-smoking peers, their skin had significantly less elasticity.

Nasolabial Folds-The Early Onset of Jowls

As the face loses volume, nasolabial folds around the mouth become deeper and more pronounced. This is the initial phase of jowl formation.

Surgical Treatment for Jowls

Jowls can be treated surgically and non-surgically. Surgical treatment for jowls includes liposuction and facelifts.

Liposuction is recommended for younger patients. Physiological changes in older patients cause the facial tissue to descend. So with this group, liposuction would not help for jowling.

Facelifts can involve the repositioning of the skin to get rid of jowls. Or it can involve cutting out the skin that hangs down from the jaw.

Non Surgical Treatment for Jowls

For patients who are not ready or willing to undergo surgery for the treatment of jowls, there is a non-surgical option.

Radiesse is a unique dermal filler that is able to mimic soft or firm tissue, depending on where it is injected. Therefore, it can be ideal for refining the contours of the face by providing necessary structural support.

Injecting Radiesse into the jowls themselves will add a malleable mass to this tissue. This enables the physician to reshape this contour to lift the hanging skin.

Radiesse has these properties because it is made of a calcium based microspheres. The calcium is what enables it to work as a scaffold beneath the skin. This supportive structure provides building materials that encourage the growth of collagen.

Patient Videos – Use of Radiesse for Treating Jowls

For individuals who do not want to choose surgery to address jowls, Radiesse may be an option to consider. Here are two patients who opted for the dermal filler route.

Radiesse was successful in improving the appearance of jowls in Los Angeles patient

Radiesse was successful in improving the appearance of jowls in this Los Angeles patient

This patient was concerned about the early onset of jowling.  Radiesse was used to minimize the mild protrusions which formed along her jawline.

Laugh Lines As the Starting Point of Jowls

Laugh lines are also known as nasolabial folds. They form around the nose and mouth and resemble parenthesis. Laugh line grooves get deeper over time. And they are caused by the loss of volume in the lower part of the face. As this issue progresses, jowls are likely to develop as tissue continues to sag.

Here are two patients who decided to undergo Radiesse to fill in laugh lines and restore a plump youthful looking appearance in the lower facial area. This simple form of treatment produced an amazing improvement in their overall appearance. Watch their videos here:

Do Facial Exercises Help Get Rid of Jowls

Many people are wondering if facial exercises can offer hope for improving the appearance of jowls. According to medical doctors, the answer is no. This is because jowls are not related to lose muscles that are out of shape.

If cost of surgery is a concern, it is probably best to look into Radiesse. Not only are facial exercises time consuming, according to experts at the American Academy of Dermatology, they will only worsen the signs of aging.

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