Individuals in Los Angeles who have acne scar issues should research the causes and treatment options associated with their condition. An informed approach will help lead to better decisions and overall outcomes.

1) punch graft surgery

2) microdermabrasion

3) dermabrasion

4) medication (for active acne)

5) chemical peels

6) cosmetic lasers

The best starting point is to understand how acne scars form. With this knowledge, certain procedures will make more sense than others in terms of being able to procure real improvements.

Los Angeles Acne Scar-Dermatology

Those in Los Angeles with acne scar issues will find it helpful to learn about their condition through a dermatology perspective. This involves knowing

1)       What acne scars are made of

2)      Why they develop in response to inflammation

Collagen and acne scars

Acne scars are made of the same collagen fibers as the rest of the skin.  Their thick and noticeable appearance has to do with the way they are arranged.

Acne scar development

Acne inflammation is injurious to the skin. The body will try to destroy the bacteria in the skin’s pores. White blood cells will migrate to the area, causing the lesions to fill with pus and become sore.  Swelling and redness also occurs.

New collagen fibers are created by the skin to repair and fortify itself.

Choosing the Best Acne Scar Treatment

With a dermatology perspective on their condition, Los Angeles patients should choose treatments that will actually change the collagen structures of the acne scar tissue.

Products and procedures that only address the outer skin surface may produce some improvement for very minor forms of acne scars.  But the results will be very minimal for moderate to severe cases.

Acne Scar Treatment| Best Los Angeles Dermatologist|Before & After Laser

Los Angeles acne scar-patient before and after laser procedures to fade acne and acne scars

Los Angeles Acne Scar Treatment- Procedures

Learning about different procedures for acne scar treatment should focus on

1)       How  they work to create changes on the collagen tissue structures

2)      Potential side effects or complications

Punch Graft Excision

Punch graft excision is a surgical technique that can be used to remove individual acne scars.  This method requires the use of a punch tool.  Skin grafts from other area of the body (e.g. behind the ear) can then be used to replace the old scar tissue.

Irregularities in the skin’s texture can be evened out with microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Microdermabrasion For Treating Acne Scar Issues in Los Angeles  Patients

Some service providers offer microdermabrasion for improving acne scar tissue. While this treatment may help for minor cases, it will not be able to produce substantial improvements for moderate to severe instances.

Microdermabrasion is basically exfoliation that uses fine magnesium salt crystals. It only addresses the outer surface of the skin and not the deeper collagen structures of the acne scars.

Dermabrasion for Treating Acne Scar Issues in Los Angeles Patients

Dermabrasion is far more aggressive than microdermabrasion. Doctors will use either a textured metal surface or a diamond fraise to sand the skin in order to remove the scar tissue. This procedure is very invasive with substantial bleeding.

About three months will be needed for the skin to fully heal.

There is a very high risk of scarring and discoloration. For this reason, dermabrasion is only recommended for very specific candidates.

Los Angeles  Patients- The Use Topical Retinoids As An Acne Scar Treatment

Topical retinoids are Vitamin A. derivatives.  Examples include:

1)       Retin A

2)      Retinoic acid

3)      Retinol

These compounds work by improving the rate of skin cell turnover.  Topical retinoids can be used for very mild forms of acne scars. Or they can be used to help supplement a main form of treatment.

Los Angeles Acne Scar Patients-Fraxel Repair Laser

Fraxel Repair is recommended for patients who are categorized as Fitzpatrick types I-III.  These individuals have very low levels of melanin and light skin tones as a result.

The 10,600nm wavelength will easily be absorbed by melanin. And this presents a risk of overheating, scarring and hyperpigmentation as a result.

The energy inflicts deliberate heat wounds to the dermis layer. The skin will attempt to heal itself by producing new collagen fibers.  This tissue will fill the depressions of the acne scars, helping to create a smoother texture.

Los Angeles Acne Scar Patients- Fraxel Dual Laser

Los Angeles patients of any skin tone can be treated with Fraxel Dual for acne scar issues.  Fraxel Dual’s name comes from the fact that it uses two wavelengths:

1) 1550nm- for reaching deeper areas of the skin

2) 1927nm- for treating more superficial issues close to the surface (e.g. brown spots that occur after acne inflammation)

These energy wavelengths offer a higher degree of safety for darker skin types because  melanin will not absorb them as readily.

To fade acne scar tissue, the laser will also inflict heat to the dermis. This will activate the synthesis of new collagen fibers that will fill in the acne scar pits, helping the skin to look more even.

Los Angeles Acne Scar Information-FAQ

1)  How much does it cost to get a Fraxel acne scar procedure?

The cost of laser procedures really depends on the intensity of the treatment. But patients can expect to pay an average of about $1750.

2) Can dermal fillers be used for acne scar results?

Los Angeles patients can use dermal fillers to give quick acne scar results.  Although the effects are not permanent, this can be a helpful way to get ready for special events (e.g. photo shoots, weddings etc.)

3) Will chemical peels work for acne scar issues?

Using chemicals to peel the skin will most likely not improve the collagen structures of the acne scars. Although there are deeper, more aggressive peels, these treatments are unpredictable.  It is difficult to control the depth of the solution. Lasers are much more safe and effective.

Los Angeles Acne Scar Results With Lasers-Patient Examples

Individuals in Los Angeles  who are interested in acne scar laser procedures may be interested in learning about real patient examples.

In order for acne scar treatments to be successful, the existing acne needs to be cleared first. This patient underwent Spectra laser treatments which was able to address multiple acne causes , rather than just one or two. Fraxel Dual was then used for the scars.

According to the patient’s testimony: “ I was able to get results that I wasn’t able to get before…I am excited that I don’t have to wear makeup…and I don’t have to be as conscious about what I look like anymore.”

Here is another Los Angeles acne scar  patient example using Spectra and Fraxel Dual.

This patient felt quite self conscious about her skin and never left the house without applying makeup.  The combination of Fraxel and Spectra produced remarkable changes that other people noticed.

The patient reported, “People say I look happier…people say I look healthier and I look fresh…I’m very happy with the results and this is a new me right now…no makeup, no worries. I can just be myself and feel free all the time. I’m very grateful I did this.

Acne scars affect both the physical appearance and how individuals feel about themselves in social situations. Successful procedures can truly improve one’s self concept and self esteem.

Los Angeles acne scar patients  are welcome to schedule complimentary consultations at Fine Touch Dermatology to learn more  about results oriented treatment procedures.